All I want is an open heart and open road

Open your heart
Discover your life purpose
Follow your soul path
Make all your dreams come true

Shut the old door and never come back…
Let’s take and do that road (soul) trip!
Discover the world
The sky has no limits!

So why do you stay
In a relation that doesn’t fit you anymore?
And feel unhappy
About all the things you missed

Chances you didn’t take
Dreams what didn’t come true
And your self esteem walked, meanwhile,
Away without saying a word

It’s time to rock baby!
It’s time to shine!
Any delays are beyond
Let the positive flow coming

The seeds of what you planted
Growing. By opening your heart
So it’s almost time for you
To harvest the crop of positivity and fulfilling your dreams

Choose your path
The path of your soul
Your unique (high)way to explore your talents en capabilities
And discover the possibilities

Do not be afraid dear. We all have our fears
To discover new things
Just lay back and enjoy
Of that fantastic new ride you gonna make!

The path you take
Will make you more happy than
Anything else in the world
Feel the goodness and the joy!

So keep your head up
Move straight forward
Let all your fears behind
And chase your personal HAPPINESS!!!

Stay positive whatever you’re going through dear,

B Engeltje ❤️