A sustainable contribution from the heart

What is your gift to the world
What is your contribution
To humanity?
What is your beautiful purpose
And be an artist
In your life
Just the way you think
And being proud and knowing that
It’s beautiful what you create
Think about that
Find a way to make a living
Of these natural given gifts

What is your gift to the world
Being greedy?
Having more and more stuff?
What would you like to give
To our society
To our planet
A sustainable contribution
Instead of focussing on
What you want?
What makes you feel good?
And move forward
To a happier and more joyful life

Greed isn’t a motivation
To keep you on going
Use your God given qualities
Gifts and talents
To make the world
A more beautiful place
Don’t let fear or
Your survivor instincts
Dominate the voice of your heart
What continuously tries to tell you
To apply your skills
For the bigger whole
So think today about that!

To a more joyful and happier life greetings,

B Engeltje