Live in the Love and Light

We are all facing difficulties in life
Whether it is the storm
What rages over your life sometimes
The fact that you’re born differently
And due to your disabilities
You have to face (some)
Problems with functioning
Some things cost you more effort
Or you are not able to fit in society
Properly because it goes too fast
It is too busy, perhaps too unpredictable
Because of the fact you are highly sensitive
There are a thousand and more reasons
Sitting on your couch, being bored
Disillusioned, wondering “why does this happen to me”?
Feeling sad and having the conviction
Life is limited because of the way
Our divine Shepperd has created you

We all have something and
Have to cope with this daily
Facing the fact that we are not perfect
We are only human. No more, no less
Some people think they are perfect, but is that true?
Don’t forget that we ALL have
Our struggles, pain and difficulties in life
But the question is, do you want
That your specific ‘restrictions’ in life
Will slow you down
In the things you want?
Determine not to follow your path
The path of the soul
The dreams you have
In all you want to achieve within
The range of your functionality

Why do you think such way?
Why do you limit yourself further with
These thoughts of fear, pain and sadness
Open your eyes dear!
Don’t let your characteristics put you on hold
Let go this negative ego way of thinking
Listen to that voice within yourself
Find this inner beautiful source
In the depth of your humanity
Hear what your soul wants to tell you
Hold tightly to it and never lose
The connection between
Your heart and spirit again

Start today and see the beauty of your soul
That is what matters in life
To see the loving and lighting human creature
You are. You also can shine baby!
You just have to believe in yourself
And in the path your soul tells you
Over and over again, to follow
Have the guts and pull yourself together
And go for your life purpose
Find your inner truth, the voice of the heart
Take the power and make the next move
To achieve a more fulfilling life
A happier way of living
So that you can shine your love and light
First of all on yourself and on others

Use your skills, qualities and talents
And make the world more beautiful
‘A paradise on earth’
Create your own ‘heaven on earth’ to live in
Surround yourself with love and passion
And people who makes you feel good
Make you laugh until your tummy hurts
Who respects and appreciates you
Just the way you are
Find that sparkle what makes you feel alive
Do not fear, my darling
We will help you, child of God
On your way, on your path
It won’t be easy to change your life
To feel insecure and may-be not safe for a while
But it is worth trying!

Find your life purpose
Be happier, my sweet child
As said, we will support you
On your path
To facilitate the way. To make it smoother
Take the synchronicities for granted
It’s for you and your path of the soul
To evolve your soul further
In line with the divine plan
Go for it. Go with the flow. In the moment
Give your fears to us
Ask us for help and we will support you
As much as we can
Don’t let your thoughts and way of thinking
Neither your disabilities put you on hold
To avoid following your heart
Listen carefully to it
And find your way of Love and Light
Go with the divine flow of your soul
And we will be there
All the time
Be aware of that

Live in the Love and Light greetings,

B Engeltje