Do what you love, love, love to do – Photograph by Frédérique Niewöhner

Photographed by my talented niece Frédérique.

A talented and gifted girl who takes pictures straight from the heart. With such great love…

I think she’s on her way up to share her gift to the world. She followed her heart. So do I. And you?


We all should
Follow our heart
Make our dreams
Come true
Use your talents
Your God given gift
To shine
To share it
With others

Find the light
Within yourself
Give your qualities
To others
To the world
Follow your own
Unique path
Find true happiness
The path of the soul

That is what matters in life
It’s essence of living
Doing what you
Love, love, love to do
With your whole heart
Where the soul is
Is the passion
Find that passion!

B Engeltje❤️

Hieronder de link naar haar website…

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