Meet your twin soul

When you have got the feeling
That you have been missing something, your entire life
Or properly said, someone
You do not know where this feeling came from
Not that you are unhappy, or unsatisfied with life as it is
But inside you, you realised that there is a reason
Why you feel as you are feeling right now

When your soul in the spirit world had the task
To divide itself in two halves, becoming two separate souls
Each new soul is assigned to a new task
This task is described as the plan of your soul
The blueprint, the map, of the soul
The soul is divided because you may-be have an identical mission
In line of the original divine plan

The purpose is that you meet this twin soul
During your life. In an early stage or later
Perhaps in a particular case just to reunite these halves
To unify the two ‘parts’ to one soul
As this is meant to be, according to the soul path of both souls involved
So that you can share a life mission
A mission send out by the Light and Love, or in Light and Love

At a particular moment, when you least expect, you might meet your twin
It is not said that everyone has or should meet this ‘half’ soul during lifetime
All will be arranged based on the divine plan of both souls
But when you walk into your twin, see her of him
You will instantly sense that there is a connection
No words will cover neither explain this feeling
There is recognition from soul to soul

It is such a great moment when you actually meet your twin soul
You see the sparkle in the eyes when you look through
The outside of this beautiful human being you met
As the eyes are the mirror of the soul
Your body reacts immediately
There is an absolute knowing that this is the one
The soul you ever waited for your entire life

The purpose, the divine plan, is to bring these souls together
For a higher destination. So that they could contribute, as a shared plan
The Light and Love to other people. To the world
To bring our planet of humanity to a higher vibration
On a higher frequency of Love and Light
So that eventually we all can vibrate and resonate on a higher level
A level based on Love, more Love and to an ultimate Love

Don’t ever search for your twin soul
As said not everybody has a twin soul. Perhaps a soulmate
But that’s different. There is no identical or partial shared path of the soul
When you meet your twin you realize that it’s in line of your path
You will share a few moments together or maybe longer
Just to the moment the joint mission is completed
Stick to your true self and don’t force the way of your soul
When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be
Just put yourself together, dear child
Live your life as a good human being as possible
In the divine Light and Love…
And whenever it is time to be reunited with your other half, you will be

B Engeltje