Love, to love and to be loved

Love is all there is
Here and now
Love is the thing that keeps you moving
Wherever you are going
Love is the ultimate motivation of the heart
The most truthfully source of who you are
Love makes you happy
Makes you do things you never could imagine before
Love should be the essential contribution
Of all of us to each other. To the world

It’s love, to love and to be loved
When you are motivated by other goals
You keep on running on the autopilot
You will miss the point of life, dear child
The only thing what matters in life
Is not what you have achieved
When your time, your journey, has come to an end
But what you have left in your heart
That is what will remain
And, unfortunately for you perhaps, nothing else

Why are we all so afraid to show our emotions?
To show who we really are
Maybe you think you are too sensitive
What is your point?
Why shouldn’t we be a sensitive person
Does it make us less valued?
Does it makes us weak?
Does it makes us vulnerable?
Let it go, dear beloved one
Just show us your true colors
And not a fake you
A copy of what people expect of you
Just to fit properly into society

Stick to your true self, sensitive sweet angel
Never mind what others think of you
Whatever you do, whatever you try
There is always something not right
Nobody is perfect you know
Some humans deny to accept that
Why should you be unhappy with yourself?
You are a child of Love and Light
Be aware of that
Never, never forget who you truly are
Just show us the real you

Continue your journey with grace
And a loving attitude
Towards yourself and towards others
Live your life in the Light and Love
As we meant it to be
Don’t hesitate anymore, don’t fear
Give your fears to us to deal with
Don’t be scared anymore to show
Your open and loving heart to anybody
Just rely on the true you. Rely on yourself
Care for yourself in love and sweetness
There is no time to loose
Every minute of your life counts

Look today to the person you are now
And the person you want to be
Listen to yourself with an open heart
And open mind
Find the balance within yourself
Love yourself and spread the love to others
Live in the Light as we want you to live
Be an example of a loving, compassionate,
Full of kindness and caring person as you could be
Make the world better with your attitude
Towards yourself with great love
And towards all the people you will ever meet

Love yourself
To be loved
Spread the love
Say to people you really love them
With all your heart
Show us your emotions
Live you sensitive you
Do not fear what people think of you
Just BE you
As you are supposed to be
In the Light and Love

Just be you…


B Engeltje