Just listen to your inner voice

The real truth, the loving truth is..
Everybody can hear it
When you’re tuned properly into your inner being
It’s called life purpose
The purpose of the soul

That is what our existence is all about
To find your purpose in life
Your passions
To keep you moving, narrated by the heart

The heart is the strongest source
Of love. The seat of your soul
Find your selflove to nourish this loving source
And feel and discover the deep passionate dreams within

Live your life by the heart! Live your dreams
It brings you to unexpected places and destinations
Go with the heart flow
Wherever it takes you. Just trust your God given journey

Do not doubt. Do not have fears
It needs courage, certainty and also self confidence
But rely on the strength and synchronicity of the universe
Just be confident and follow the path of the soul

We are there to help you. Never forget that, dear child
From the moment when you find your alignment
Between your powerful source called the heart and your brain
We will support and walk with you on your soul path

You will never walk alone. Never
When Love is around or concerning matters of the heart
We are always, always there to give you support
Because you, child of Love and Light, must live your dreams

In line with the divine path of your soul
To spread the Love. As love we are. In the Light of Love
It’s all about Love, to give Love, to be Loved
Love yourself. Love your heart & soul. Find your path. Your life purpose

Just to live the Love as we are meant to be
Love is all there is. Love is always there
Keep on going with all the Love in your heart
To make a sustainable loving and caring contribution

First of all to you. Yes you
As the beautiful and unique human being you are
Live your true life, fill it with purpose
Find the Love, live the Love and spread the Love and Light

Be compassionate, caring, helpful and loving
Make a difference. Big or small, it doesn’t matter
Just listen to your inner voice. The voice of the heart
It’s called intuition. It will lead you all the way long

Follow your intuition. Follow your heart
It always knows the way. It will lead you
Don’t be afraid, dear child
Stick to your authentic you
And you will always be true to yourself…

Live your life purpose, live your dreams greetings,

B Engeltje