What is your contribution to a better world?

I really love the videos of Jay Shetty and Prince EE on Facebook.

They are great motivators and inspirators.
Their videos and messages are made with such dedication, love and compassion that every time I watch these video’s the content reaches my heart.

It makes me over thinking and I start questioning my life. I ask myself questions like the reason why I am here on planet earth? Do I live my life completely as I want and would like to do? Am I aligned up with my heart? Does my ego still dominate my life? Do I live my life as my soul wants me to do? And what about my compassion for life itself, others and all what moves, breaths and every living creature. Do I love unconditionally and what is my effort to make the world a better place? What is my contribution to others? Am I a good human being? Do I care enough about the environment by just recycling my waste?

All these reflections and introspection makes me realize that I do not want to continue my life as I user to do. Like a sleepwalking robot without any awareness at all. Yes I did!
I am aware of what I want to buy nowadays and the packaging litter I create and I want to reduce it. I know I don’t want to fill my house with all that consumption articles anymore. I do care where my food and stuff is coming from. I try to take into account that I have a good life compared with a lot of other human beings on earth. I want that everybody has a good life! That they are treated well and that life is also fair to them so that they can live their dreams too. To increase their quality of life.

I believe that we ALL can make a difference. And it starts with us. With our heart. Living with a compassionate heart makes that your perspective changes. It enlarges your consciousness. You care about yourself and others. And that is, dear readers, what life is all about. We are all connected. It’s not just you and you as the centre of your own universe. Make your own universe larger to live your life in Love. For yourself, for others for all of us. Open your heart so that we can spread the love and make our planet ‘a paradise on earth’. Not just for you, for your eyes and wellbeing only.

What is your contribution to a better world?

B Engeltje

You already won the lottery
Hit the jackpot
Because you as a human
You are one in a four trillion chance
That you have been born

But what do you do
With your life
What were your dreams
When you were a little kid?
What did you envision?

See life in a greater perspective
That we all have a purpose
A task in life
For a larger whole
So put your life in retrospective

What do you want to accomplish?
Set your goals
Why aren’t you glad and happy
With all you have?
You already won the lottery

What will you tell when you passed away and
The spirit world would ask you
What did you do in life?
You already won the lottery, hit the jackpot
Because you were alive and breathing

You had the chance to follow your dreams
Do you have a compelling story to tell?
What did you do with your life
After winning the lottery
But as far as we can see you didn’t respect life at all

The chance that you are alive is extremely rare
The question is what do you do with your life
Do you take it for granted
Or are you willing to take this opportunity?
You are the key to make a change

The question is what must happen
To make you aware that you already won the lottery
Are you willing to take advantage of your bliss
Or you just ignore it or waste this opportunity
To do something good with your life?

B Engeltje