Be the light that shines

Shine, baby, shine…
Straight from your lovely heart
It is pure and full of love
Maybe you don’t realize this
But as a child of Light and Love
You also have a bright shining heart inside

You run so fast, dear child
That you forget to live
You hardly be aware that you breath
You often do not feel and sense
And lack your intuition completely
You almost struggle and fall over your feet

Why are you running so fast?
Where are you going?
What do you want to accomplish
In such a hurry. In such a rush?
You don’t sparkle and shine anymore
As you inner child used to do, as a kid

This inner little being of yours
Is lacking attention
Feels ignored for a long, long time
It wants to shine, sparkle and feel alive
Your little child wants to live!
In great acceptance and awareness

It is time to shine, baby!
To feel alive again
To chase your dreams, feel that sparkle
Just realize this is the moment
Time flies by. Do not postpone it anymore
Live your inner child and follow your dreams

Be the light that shines
Be your own sunshine
On your unique path of the soul
Light up your inner light so brightly
That it will shine as well for others
And make their life and skies sunnier

So, what is your planning today?
Run that earthly ratrace again?
Feeling lost in the ‘meltdown’
From our inner child with this daily race?
Feel deeply in your heart
Listen to your intuition and make your soul happy…

Shine brightly greetings, B Engeltje