Your heart hotel

Love is pure
Love is all there should be
Love is the pillar of our dimension
Love is the ‘seed’ of the universe
Where ever you go spread the Love around
You will harvest it immediately

Love will flow so quickly
Like a drop on the water
From the moment you water your grounds
Just start with drops of Love
You will let the Love grow

When Love is around
It is as ‘food’ for the soul
Your deep inner awareness
Called the heart
Or intuition too

As soon as you decide
To nourish your soul
With all the Love it deserves
You will glow and shine
Your inner child will sparkle
And feel alive again

It’s very important, dear children
To take care of your soul
Your soul is the ‘engine’
Of your earthly adaption
Named the human body

Be aware that a neglected soul
Will always be unhappy
Happiness is what makes you feel alive
Therefor your soul needs to have
A proper, loving seat

When your heart is closed or locked
There lays a big, steady rock or concrete on it
You are not able to give your loving soul
A descent residence to live in
Because the adaption itself
Does not suit your soul properly

As the moment to open your heart has arrived
There is a balance between your head (ego)
And the heart
We speak about alignment in your being
The heart will have a place

It will have a big penthouse for your soul
As far as you can realize
Your soul do need a caring and VIP treatment
This is the nourishment your soul deserves
Than it will glow and bloom all the Love it has

The human body has to take care of too
But never forget your dear soul
It has been waiting for so long
To the exact moment you will accept
It’s being and existence as a part of you

We often forget that the soul is
Much more important than your body
Ofcourse your body is the hotel on earth
Where you soul takes a seat
This hotel also needs maintenance of ‘the building’

As we want to emphasize, dear children
That it is essential to embrace your soul totally
To take care, nourish and comfort it as your baby
So that your soul is able to grow and evolve
In the Love you’re giving during your stay on earth

From the moment you start living by the heart
Your hotel has been opened
The soul is invited to be a guest
You serve it and make your soul as comfortable as possible
This Love will make your soul a loving source of energy

The deep Love you feel towards your inner being
Will give your soul such great joy and fulfilment
That your compassionate heart
Will spread your inner Love
As (the sound of) drops on the water surface

Our question is when do you invite
Your soul to be the VIP guest
Of your heart hotel?
When do you realize that your soul
Needs its own loving place?

Please open the door to your heart hotel
And let your lovely soul in
Let it enter and take place in your best seat
And treat it as a superstar
In your own penthouse

The soul is your superstar in your life
You didn’t realize this until now, isn’t it?
Treat your soul with all the egards
Love and dedication you have
In complete admiration

The only place your soul wants to be
Is in the heart. Your heart
So please invite your guest and
Be the best host you could ever dream of
In Love for your soul

Loving soul greetings, B Engeltje