Open your hearts

All we want you to have
Is an open heart
And a soul who knows the way
Is that too much to ask for, dear children?
It is essential to feel deeply inside
To find that inner voice
Who tells you what to do
To gain that sparkle in life again

This voice is your intuition
Intuition is the most reliable
Source you can ever rely on
This is how your inner being
Your loving soul
Speaks to you
As the most truthful knowing
There always will be

When you are living your life
With the head, your ego
You will never find your way to the heart
As we can certainly say your ego
Doesn’t want to listen to your heart at all
The ego is very ‘selfish’. The field of view is rather limited
It wants only to hear what the ego says
And that is, according to us, rather a pity

When you are fully driven by your ego
You lack your inner voice and your heart
It will lead you to places
That are not in line with the plan of your soul
Often this way makes you unhappy
You have fears and pain
Most of all you miss that glowing sparkle
What keeps you going
A life living by the ego is quite thin and small

We keep on telling you to live your life by the heart
That is so particular essential
Because in the heart you will find your treasure
Your life purpose and most of all Love
A life filled with Love is the most beautiful
Gesture and gift you can give
To yourself and to us, brothers of Love
Yes, we speak to you
Using messengers of Love around the world

These messengers have found their life purpose
They listened to their intuition
Started following the path of their souls
To make the world a world of Love
Because that is what your world is missing
In the past, nowadays but when it’s up to us
Not anymore. Not in the future
We will lead you all to the fourth dimension

Don’t be afraid, dear children
The fourth dimension will be a great world!
It will say that all your hearts are opened
You live your lives with great Love
In the Love, with Love and for the Love
All this loving hearts will connect so easily with each other
That from these great universal Love
Compassion and kindness
You all will be connected. By the hearts

Your energy levels, seen in the purity of Light and Love
Will be so high that the frequency
Of the vibrating energy will be so huge
That no language is further needed
You all will ‘speak’ through your hearts
Your loving, highly resonating hearts
That the intuition will be the future language
Words are no longer necessary
Now intuition, telepathy and this heart to heart energy
Are the elements of the new age

As said many messengers of Love are active
More and more we recruit them and send them off
They have a task to do according to their soul plan
To make you humans aware that Love is the key
That Love and Light are the pillars of your new society
In this awareness they try to open your hearts
To find your path of the soul
So that you will live your life in purpose
As it is meant to be
With greater joy, fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness

We keep knocking on the door of your heart
To set the door open to let yourself in
So that you can try to find
That precious treasure and soul inside
To make you aware of your capabilities
Only with the purpose to make you feel
What is beneath all that layers
You and all the life matters laid around your heart
It’s time to reconsider your lives
And to open your hearts en masse
To make your, and the whole, world
A better, more beautiful and loving place to live in

We from the dimension of Light and Love
Will support you all the way
We pronounce this as much as we have to do
Ask our help, to help you along the way
Give your anxieties and fears to us
Be so specific as possible
That we know how we can help you
We live near, between and beside you
But our dimension is not earthly like yours
We know much, but not everything
We can do a lot, but not everything

Dear beloved children
Live your lives by the heart
Make your soul happy
Follow the intuition, listen to your heart
Your heart knows your path
Live your lives in greater happiness
In Love, compassion and kindness to all
That is all we want you to ask
That is all we want you to say
That is all what matters for us
We are all connected. Make anybody happy

Happy greetings, B Engeltje