Everybody needs happiness

Be as happy as you can be
Everybody needs happiness
Feeling happy is so important
That is what we want to say
No, dear children, if we were able
We would shout it out loud
So everybody could hear us
Be as happy as you want to be
Because a happy soul will last forever

It all starts with your heart
A happy heart for all of you
A heart full of happiness will glow and shine
We can not emphasize that more
As we already do
Of course we take every opportunity
To make you aware of your being
To make you feel awake and alive
The key question is: “are you happy”?

Well we can tell you that the greatest part
Of the humans aren’t happy at all
They don’t smile anymore
Are occupied with their own lives
Tend to see nothing else than their own affairs
You actually don’t see each other anymore
Passing by in the streets, in the supermarkets, in life
Your heads headed often to the grounds
Or attracted to that mobile machine of yours. Your handy
An invention we cannot understand at all

That mobile thing of yours keeps you so busy
Why is that? Real connection is from heart to heart
From the one loving soul to another loving soul
That mobile device of yours does not really connect
It divides people more and more
Is a source to spread hate and distraction
That is not how we want to see your world
You lost your connection with yourself. With others
Occupied with things that shouldn’t be invented
As we think in line of connection, Love and compassion

We despicable that mobile revolution
Our task to ‘change’ your world
In a world of purity, Love, Light and connection
Won’t be easy. We realize that
Love is the bond that connects all of you. All of us
Never forget that, dear children
Love is the pillar of your new world
Please put your mobile phones down
And look to your loved ones. Look to others
Straight in the eyes and make connection by the heart
That is how it is meant to be
That is how it should be

Love from the hearts is what really connects you
A digital world does not connect at all
As we see it through the eyes of humanity
Don’t let your life be ruled over by your digital world
Make a bond with others and connect from the heart
That’s what all is about. Nothing more, nothing less
We come back and keep on telling you
That to change mankind you could start
With a change within you. It all starts with you, dear children
Every day you have the choice. Do I take my phone
Or do I want to make a real connection?

When you start living by the heart
You will be so much happier
Because happiness always starts with you
When was the last time you helped a complete stranger?
When was it that you were unselfishly kind to another person?
When did you act and do something out of Love?
When did you look further than your own world?
Every day you have the choice to make yourself feel better
That is not holding your phones longer and longer
We, brothers from Love, we really regret that invention
We have to work a lot harder to reach you nowadays

But we are not ourselves and we do not easily give up on you
We stick to our tasks to bring you Love and Light to your planet
Called the beautiful, diverse planet earth
We keep on sending our (messengers of) Love messages
To reach you with our words from Love. In Love. For the Love
Words that might give you a reason to rethink
And reconsider your lives
As we are all children of Love and Light
The purpose is to lead you all to a world of Love
As we said before. We will not give up until we have fulfilled our tasks

That is what we wanted to say today
We, brothers in Love, we have the best intention
The best intention of Love there is
We operate from our dimension of Light and Love
To make you aware that you also are a child of Love and Light
Your soul knows this and wants to live this
According to the plan of the soul. The blueprint of its task
The heart, as the residence of your soul, knows this too
You do not have to do this totally alone
We will comfort, help and advice you as possible as we can
We cannot say this enough. May be we repeat our words
But take this please for granted
Our intention is pure. Happiness and Love for all of you

Love, B Engeltje