An open heart will save you

When you feel depressed
Alone or not worthy
You think that life isn’t fun at all
Your pains and sorrows
Effect your daily life so much
That it looks like this flow of negativity
Will ‘swallow’ you totally
It keeps your mind filled
And occupied with these worries
What repeats itself over and over again

The fears about the future
Every day you have ‘to fight’ against
These thoughts, attitude and difficulties
That you keep on thinking
Why am I here? Why do I have to cope with this?
When you lost your spirit
The drive what makes you going
That flame of your heart
You sit and wait things going to end
Well, dear children, you can wait a long time
Because the real change comes from within

You humans, often, intend to lay everything
What bothers you, what makes you sad
Besides you, waiting for this period to pass by
Don not forget everybody will get its life issues
Things that make them insecure, lonely or depressed
Or situations what causes them to doubt themselves
Please realize you are not the only one on this world
Who suffers, have pains, have to go through a lot
You all do face problems, moments of grief
And impossibilities
Life moments what makes you grow
Moments you have to overcome to evolve you

In fact there are so much people depressed nowadays
So we ask ourselves, brothers of Love, what is wrong
What is happening on your beautiful planet?
Why are so much people feeling lost?
Suffering from anxieties, pains and negativity?
They just see their own difficulties of life
Stick and stuck to it. Without realizing that we all
Have to learn, grow and have our life lessons
These universal soul teaching matters will let you grow
That’s the only reason there is
Not to cause you pain, to let you feel unhappy
We want to emphasize that is not what’s all about

It’s all about your souls
The awareness of your earthly body, called the adaption
Souls have the assignment to evolve
To evolve during your life-time
Sometimes it’s short, other times it is longer
One life you have a complete body other lives
You may be disabled
But that is not because we do not like or love your souls
It is because there is a task assigned to you loving soul
The adaption is just a ‘tool’ for the soul
A temporary house for your inner being, the soul
To fulfil its task in the best way it can

If you’re depressed or lived by the ego
The ego like negative emotions like sadness
Pain and negativity. It really comforts itself with these emotions
Than you will, according to us, never find your inner happiness
Otherwise you can determine your own happy life
Sure there will be moments that won’t be easy, painful as they are
But as soon as you realize that you have a choice
A choice to let your ego rule your life on and on
Or you can determine that you let your ego out
Say a firm farewell to it and open the door to your heart
The heart knows that life has suffering moments too
But instead of the ego it will not see you drawn by these emotions

An open heart will let you, unconditionally, in
Will comfort you, help you and Love you
Because the heart is the seat of your soul
The soul is the most pure and loving being you will ever meet
We ask you all, to open the door to your hearts
To see the beauty within, the Love you have (to give)
So that your loving heart and soul will comfort and guide you
Along the way what is called life
Take away your egos and live a life by the heart
You sure have still your life issues
But with the Love you feel inside yourself
It will be a lot easier to live your life
In happiness as you are meant to live your life

Love, B Engeltje