People are like onions

Onderstaand stukje is door mijn 20-jarige (paranormale) zoon met autisme geschreven. Zo ziet hij mensen.

People are like onions.

They have layers, make you sometimes cry when something is amiss but used in the right circumstances they can add flavour and texture to a boring meal.

When you first run into someone you see things, the looks, the way its dressed, the way they move and talk. This is the first layer of our human onion: the observable traits.

Then as you learn to know that someone you will discover things about the person. Things like its hobbies, its strong suits and weak suits, what kind of people it likes to hang out with and all the things it likes and dislikes. This is the second layer: the personal traits.

As more time passes by you notice how this person reacts to different situations. How it copes with good times and bad times. How this person behaves when under stress, when in an argument or when it has to keep something a secret. This is the third layer: the personality.

During a long-term relationship you observe how this person copes with long term grudges and problems. You will find out if this person is loyal, honest, determined and caring. This is the fourth layer: character.

Now we enter a realm not many people ever notice or care about. The ambience, the aura. The feeling you get when the person is nearby but you don’t know it. This is the fifth layer. Animals are very active in the fifth layer. Ever noticed why sometimes someone is highly liked or disliked by our pets even when they never met the person before? Ambience is the answer.

The sixt layer is how the souls, spirits and ghost of deceased animals and people interact with the person. Usually the interaction is minimal. But sometimes when both the person and spirits open themselves for interaction, the person might even hear or very rarely see or feel the beings from the 6th dimension. However connecting with this dimension is very difficult. Only those who are gifted and determined can have a smooth and noticeable interaction or conversation.