Do you accept the challenge?

You are all human you know
Nobody is born perfect
You all have your imperfections
Uncertainties, worries and struggles in life
Characteristics you have to live with
To deal with. Also with your personality
We do not difference a lot you and me
We keep on going. You all keep on going
Stay as positive and happy as you can
Unfortunately life wouldn’t be life
When there weren’t ups and downs

We doesn’t say earthly life is easy
Actually we never promised it to be easy
During your life-time
You have to learn, grow and evolve
That is what your life mission is all about
Nothing more, nothing less
Some people think that living
Is just one big great earthly feast
But, dear children, we can say it isn’t
Because everyone has to face
Has to deal with its life lessons sooner or later

Also those who means life
Is one huge open party playground
A great adventurous place to be
Well if you will see this in line with
The plan of your soul
And accept that all the life challenges and fears
What arises from following this life plan
We could say ‘yes life can be adventurous
When it has to do with the mission of your soul’
According to us that is the greatest adventure
You could ever live. The other things are just
Only a waste of time…

We may pronounce this a bit harsh to you
But never forget all the things we say
All the things we write is for you. All said in great Love
We want to make you realize that life is precious
Time flies by. You haven’t got eternity like we do
Tictac. Tictac. Don’t forget that
You are not there to play, to waste your time on earth
The reason you are born, the reason why you are here
Is that your soul has to grow. To evolve
In that perception your soul is now on the earth school
And that is how it is. Nothing more, nothing less

If you keep on playing, dear child
You think you know the way by ignoring your true path
The path the soul wants you to follow
Than you have a poor insight of what is life really about
Life is about Love, about the Light you are
It’s all about finding your life purpose
In line with your loving soul
It is all about spirituality. Knowing who you are
That you are aware of the true essence of your being
Not how much you party, what you earn or
How many things you own

If you really think that these are the matters
What drives you and keep you going
You actually miss the point. The essence of life
Of your life. We just intend to say, that’s a pity
If you maintain this lifestyle, this life vision
You perhaps think you made it. You are rich
But real prosperity, wealth and happiness
Comes from within. From the bottom of your soul
If your soul is ignored, you heart is closed
You cannot feel true happiness
Happiness is not living by your status, thoughts or wealth
True happiness is lived by the heart

This makes us say again; we didn’t say life is easy
We never said you won’t have pains, struggles or sorrows
If you want to make a huge change, if you want to be happier
We propose you hereby, no we dare you hereby
To open your hearts and listen to it. What is has to say
Create your own natural playground for the soul
Just listen to your hearts and follow your soul path
It’s best playground you can imagine
The ultimate life playground you could ever have
Will you accept our challenge to be more happy?
Happiness measured by your true feelings of the heart?
Well, dear children, shall we…???

Love, B Engeltje