Lighten up you inner Light

Keep on shining your inner Light…

Never, never let your Light
Be taken away by anybody
Keep on shining, dear
How hard life sometimes can be
Keep your flame alive
And that sparkle glowing
Raise your head up
Tomorrow is another day
With everything ahead of you
Full of possibilities and choices

Please keep on going, dear child
We never gave up on you
And we will never give up on you
See that beautiful Light you are
The loving human being you are
We will assist along your route
Be there as much as you want
Ask us to help you
But please do not let anybody
Dull your inner Light

That Light has to shine
For you and for others
For the Love there always is
Perhaps you think you are forgotten
You feel lonely and sad
Never forget that we think of you
We are there
Often you do not see or feel us
But we accompany you
And comfort you as much as we can

You are not alone on this world
You are always in our spotlight
But we have to see you
Be aware of that, dear child
When your inner light is extinguished
We cannot find you properly
Your energy is becoming so low
As the glimpse as you have been
We have difficulties to trace you
And give you the support you need

Ask for help and we will assist you
Be there when your feel alone
We will try to let your inner light shine again
Or brighter so that we can spot you
In our dimension with a good visibility
That is so essential
That you lighten up
With all the Love you have
Don’t feel abandoned or lost
Just realize we are there for you
But keep glowing, keep your soul glowing
That we can always find our way back to you

Glowing soul greetings, B Engeltje