Create your own heaven

Heaven is already on earth…

In the soul world there is no heaven
People often call this the spirit world
But we are just souls. Loving souls
Like your souls on earth
But without a body called the adaption
Your earthly “homes”
We are no spirits. We are souls
A spirit is just the earthly appearance to you
Of a soul ‘living’ in the soul world

There is no heaven here at all
As we could say so
The soul world is just a place
Filled with Love and Light
Love and Light
Are the pillars of this dimension
If you will call this heaven, be my guest
But actually this is not true
All the heaven you seek for
Is already yours. Inside you

Our dimension is close to, near yours
We live between and besides you
If you want to have a heaven on earth
Just create one
Because all the heaven you want, is in you
As a child of Love an Light in the beginning
You talk about heaven and hell
But here is only Love and Light
The hell you often talk about
(Already) exists on earth

Earth is a dualistic place
You people are dualistic too
All the controverses like good and bad
Are all inside you. Unified in your being
Named the human being
It is only the choice which side to follow
Sometimes it is not even a choice
When your souls lack so much Love and Light than
That you live in complete darkness
But every day, dear children
You can choose for Love
You can choose for the inner Light

So that you can fill your life with Love and Light
To create your own heaven on earth
We can tell you that we only have here
A staircase to the Lighting. The illumination
That’s what we have. Nothing more nothing less
How lower you enter on this staircase of Love and Light
How less Love and Light your soul ‘contains’
Therefor it is the task of your souls
To evolve during your earthly stay
That is why we keep telling, repeating
Why it is so important to follow the path of your souls
To live by the heart, because the heart knows the way

When you, earthly soul
Start living by the heart
You will automatically know, instinctively
Which way, path of life, to go
Because your intuition
The most reliable inner source you have
Always, but always knows the route
So back to the ‘heaven issue’
Dear children, create your own heavens on earth
We only can offer you our staircase to enlightment here
That is all what there is
Besides our pure Love and Light

There is no hell here or a place
Where the ‘bad souls’ go to
We only live in the Light and Love
More we cannot offer
Hell is what mankind creates on earth
When they forget to live by Love
And when the inner Light is extinguished
So we keep on emphasizing you
The importance of living your life
In complete Love and Light
As the creator of our souls
God, the great source of Light and Love
Has meant you to be

Live by the Love
In the great shining Light you can be
By your loving heart
The heart is the seat of your soul
The residence of your inner being
That is why it so important
To open your hearts massively
Not only to connect to yourself or to each other
But let the darkness out of your souls
Be aware of that, dear children
We work out of the Love and Light dimension
To make you conscious. To make you aware

It is up to you
Do you create your own beautiful heaven on earth?
Or do you choose the other side?
Love is far more fulfilling as we can say
Live in the Love. Live in the Light
As you souls are meant to be
Open your hearts and be that loving creature
God has foreseen for you
Be the great inner Light and loving soul
Live by the heart and walk your soul paths
That is what we intended to say
We go now and will be back soon with more messages

Written down by B Engeltje