Let your treasure be known

How more I write to you to tell you
To do the things you Love
To follow your dreams and make them come true
To chase the matters you really want to do by heart
Well I know I keep on repeating them

Honestly in fact I do this for myself too
Because how more I hear myself saying this
Telling and emphasizing these words
It makes me aware of my dreams too
Remembering them to make me realize life goes on

Now is the moment. Now is always the moment
Not in the future. I can postpone
Every time my dreams, but I won’t anymore
Life keeps me busy, asking me to take care of others
But now I want it to be my time to shine

I surrendered myself fully to the process
Released the issues what kept me holding back
Tried to give up my fears and uncertainties
Decided to go with the flow
Listened to my intuition what always knows where to go

The flow I follow comes straight of my heart
It brings me to beautiful places
Meeting interesting people
Gives me chances, opportunities and so much more
It brings to me to unexpected destinies

Well I can tell you that it makes life much happier
I do not fear the future anymore
I go wherever I feel I want to go
It won’t hold me back as it used to do
Just following the path of my soul wants me to do

My inner Light is inflamed
It feel it in my heart and soul
It burns and it keeps me going, driven by the heart
Most days I sparkle of enthusiasm
And Love the things I am able to do now

So that keeps me saying
Find that inner sparkle and let your Light shine
Do what you Love to do
Don’t keep life holding you back anymore
Make your lives much happier than it used to be
Chase happiness as nourishment for your soul

Love, B Engeltje