Love & more loving texts

You are what you love,
Not what loves you…

Where is the little kid in you
Who wanted to play
Who wanted to create
Who wanted just to be you
No matter what other people
Thought of you or what they said?

Who wanted to be superman
Who wanted to be a princess
These kids did only what they
Wanted to do. Played all the time
Did what they loved to do
Where is your playful kid
The inner child hidden nowadays?

You can create whatever you want
Just trust the process you’re going through
Let it happen. Just do what you want to do
With your life. Live your lives with the intention
You want to grow and be
That playful kid again
Let go of the consequences
Of this way of thinking

Let it happen. Let it evolve
Be playful again. Live your inner child and
Create your beautiful inner and outer world
Be as happy as a little kid can be
You are what you love to do
With the true intention from the heart
Live this life and do things not what
Others love you to do. But what you Love to do

Love, B Engeltje

The greatest thing we have is…


Love and live your lives
As good as you can
Love is the solution for
Almost everything
Love might be the solution
For everything

If we started to live by the heart
Only compassionate hearts
Can make the change
This change comes from within
A loving heart won’t discourage others
To let them lose hope

Words can be so painful
Be careful with using words
These words can discourage others
Take their hope and dreams away
As you talk, talk with Love
So that you will never hurt people

Loving words can give hope
Loving words and actions can heal
Loving words can bring relief
Loving words can encourage dreams
When you speak do it with Love
With compassion and kindness

Love, B Engeltje

Life gave me a lot of lessons
I was broken for a long time
One lesson was never to lose hope

This hope I want to give to others
That there is nothing wrong with having hope
Dreams or building your dreams on hope

That they maybe insecure and
You might have fears
But there is always hope to rely on

Let’s move forward
Take the step
Make the change

Love, B Engeltje