Live your full potential

When you have dreams
Things you like to do
But you are afraid
To leave your comfort zone
This place is safe and known
Everything besides this zone
Seems uncertain, new and all of this
Makes you anxious
That you decide to stay in this comfort zone

Every day that you stay longer in this zone
Your dreams become less vivid
The fire you felt inside
To realize these dreams
Fade away like dust in the wind
You (think you) feel comfortable in ‘your zone’
But inside you feel like dying
You know time flies by
You are getting older and older
Not living your dreams makes you sad

If your dreams are captured by life
Your happiness also is decreased
There is nothing passionate to challenge
You do the same things over and over again
Your sparkle of life will be extinguished too
Like you’re sleepwalking through life
Is this what you want?
That you regret it in the end
All the things you didn’t do?
You didn’t live?

Every single day you can make a choice
Whether to comfort yourself more and more
To feel secure and safe in the comfort zone
Or to leave this zone to make your world bigger
With all the new chances, possibilities and
Meetings with other people
Try to find new comfort boundaries in your life
Enlarge your worlds, live your lives as they should be
Aligned with the heart and the plan of your souls

Find that soul sparkle!
Live your dreams!
Enlighten your inner beings!
Chase happiness!
Live your life with your full potentials!
Make your souls & hearts happy!

Love, B Engeltje