Compassionate hearts

We all have a compassionate heart
Full of Love, kindness and the potential to care for others
Often we forget to care for ourselves
To Love our own inner being, the heart and the soul
If we lack ourselves Love and compassion
How can we believe that we can be loving and caring for others?
It all starts with the basic of your life: that is you

Being a compassionate human being starts with the connection
You make with yourself
The Love you give to your body, heart and soul
Everyone has a loving heart. You are born with it
Sometimes your lives keeps you so busy
Or you are so occupied with living your lives with the mind
That you lost the connection at all to feed and nourish your inner beings

The most loving contribution you can make to yourself
Is to Love yourself so deeply that you want to spread the Love
A loving heart feels warm and comforts you
It also makes you glow from inside out
Towards others as they can notice your bright inner Light shining
Automatically even a glimpse of Light in this world today
Attracts others souls. To be able to comfort themselves in your Light

Being a loving, caring and compassionate human
Is not much to ask for, dear children?
To realize that your world will be full of Light
Try to stand still today by the fact that you’re a beautiful
Creature of Love and Light. As you are meant to be
In the beginning your hearts were pure, full of Love and Light
But we don’t see you glowing, shining and sparkling. No more

As said it all starts with the Love you give to yourself
Connect with your hearts, the inner beings named the souls
Your earthly bodies. Align these adaptions with your loving souls
To a more fulfilling, satisfying and happy life
The heart and soul knows what living the compassion is
They wants to live your life in the deepest and greatest passion
Otherwhile the mind is not capable of doing that

Say farewell to a life driven by the mind, your egos
Find the way to your loving, caring and (com)passionate hearts
Live the fullest potentials of your beings
Let your heart and inner knowing, the intuition, lead you the path
The path to satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness
That is all what we ask for

Written by B Engeltje