Values of life

The real values of life
Are not the things you think you have to do
But the matters which comes straight from the heart
It is not about the values you label with your minds
It is about the morals you live by the heart
Your standard of knowing and believing what is best
Is not always the best for yourselves or others
The values you put on life matters, others or on anything else
Must not be lived by the mind but by the heart
Instead of the brains you could live your life
And the values, morals and your convictions
By using your feelings. Let your intuition lead you. Straight from the heart

When you are aware of your true inner feelings
You live your life based upon this source of Love
The intensity and the way of living
Could be quite different, you know
When Love rules… The heart is opened
Shall pity -based on what the mind says-
Be transformed to compassion. Once you live by the heart
The struggles of life are becoming life lessons
Living on the edge or running a rat race in life
Will change directly in living your dreams
As soon as you start to live by the heart
The meaning of value, the quality or morals in life
Will be differently if you make a shift from the ego to the heart

We are aware that all you’re going through or you had to deal with
Isn’t or wasn’t easy, simple or nice, as life sometimes can be, dear children
Nevertheless, we want to make you conscious that life isn’t fun all the time
It’s not that you are here to play, having a good time and hang around a bit
Sure, we know that playfulness, doing cheerful and joyful things is also important
Although your souls came on earth with a mission, the purpose of the soul
Consider it as you are now on the earth school and you’re meant to learn
To study, take the life lessons and let your inner beings, your souls, evolve
For the greater good, seen in the Light and Love of our dimension
Living for this universal contribution is not about living by your egos
The ego narrows your life. It will limit your way. In contradiction to your beautiful hearts
Your brains, minds or egos won’t let your souls live their paths
They rule you so much that your inner voice, the sound of your heart & soul
Will be voiced over and pulled over by the ego

That is never how the universe wanted it to be
Your values, morals and life should be lived by the heart and the soul
Not with your minds. With your egos
You Love by your heart not with the minds
Love and being the Light we want you to be
That shines and sparkles through the universe
Occurs only, and really only when you have opened your hearts
The moral of our story is to move you to reconsider your lives
To make you think about who you are. Do you live by the ego?
Is your life just about yourself? As the centre of your being?
But, dear child, what is your contribution to life itself?
To the greater good? To others? Isn’t it poor to live only for yourself?
Listen to your hearts. It has so much to tell you. It want to be lived
The soul wants to be lived too. You hold yourself back with your egos
Put yourselves in strictly borders and boundaries now your fears rule you
Believe in yourselves. In your hearts and souls. Let the ego go. Set it aside

For the Love for yourselves.
For the Love for others
For the Love of the greater good…

Written by B Engeltje