The source of happiness

Happiness is not about
Getting what you want all the time
Happiness is about your inner satisfaction
The release of what you want to have
Or want to achieve. Just listen to your inner voice
The real knowledge of how to be happy
Starts with listening to your intuition

You always not get what you want
That is not what life is about
You can start asking yourself
What is the main reason I am alive?
Does material stuff fulfill all my needs
When it comes up to happiness
And living a happy life

Happiness cannot be defined
With all the belongings you have
Not even with your success you have obtained
Because true happiness starts
With the rest you feel
In your deep inner beings, dear children
Being happy is a feeling from the heart and soul

When you are restless
You keep on defining your happiness
On the idea that when you have this
Or have that or be this or be that
You never going to be happy
When you depend your joy, happiness and satisfaction
Always on matters beyond yourself

True happiness is the glow you feel inside
In your loving heart and soul
So that you can actually be lightened
From the inside and you shine this Light
Your beautiful pure Light of the soul
On the people near you, the world around you
That is what happiness is. Nothing more, nothing less

So, dear children, you continue seeking happiness
On everything near your inner beings?
We want to tell you that how much
You have, achieve or be in life, you can find
The source, the foundation, of happiness always
Always in your inner beings, the heart and soul
There is where the key to happiness can be found

Love, B Engeltje