Choose Love, Love what you do & Intuition knows the way

Choose Love
Above fear
Let fear never prevail
Above your playful heart

Choose faith
Instead of hope
Do believe that your heart
Will lead you

Choose your dreams
And not anxiety
Contribute with your talents
To the world. For the greater good

Choose courage
Let your uncertainties go
Just rely on the strength
Of your inner being

Choose for yourself
In Love. For the Love
Do not live your life
According to the expectations of others

Belief and have faith
That everything is going to be alright
Hand your fears over to the universe
Follow the path your heart and soul
Want you to follow

When your dream
Knocks on your door
Knocks on your window
Of your heart
Ask yourself

Because this dream
Your God given talent
Will keep knocking on your heart
And your loving soul
Until you decide
To let this dream in

Your talent, your dream
Want to be lived too
Don’t accept live as it is
If you are not living your dream
DO what you LOVE to do
Do you?

Life is not about obtaining
What you want
Life is about living
And doing what you truly Love
Why are you here
Gave birth in the first place?

Live your dreams
Love what you do
Do what you Love
That is all what matters in life

Next time when your purpose of life
Is knocking on your door or window
Please let them in. In your heart
Be as happy as you can be

Your intuition…

Is the most truthful source
Of your being. The essence of who you are
As the voice of your heart and soul
It will lead you on your journey
The beautiful journey of life

If you decide to listen to
This precious voice from within
From the moment that you start
To listen to your inner knowing
This voice will accompany you on your path
The path of your purpose of life

It always knows the way
As soon as you follow your intuitive submissions
It will guide you to unexpected decisions, actions and places
That is why intuition is so important
To listen as the heart and soul speak to you

They want you to be happy and joyful
That you live your life in Love and Light
So that the heart and soul are lived too
What makes you sparkling and glowing through life
That is what life is meant to be

Love, B Engeltje