You’re only human…

You’re only human you know…
With your faults, imperfections and disabilities
So what? Your essence of your being
Is full of Light and Love
That is the only true consistent factor there is
From our point of view. Seen from the other dimension
The dimension of Love and Light

Your souls are the most beautiful parts of your human beings
That is what is essential. Nothing more, nothing less
Well, why do you keep on worrying about these imperfections?
That is not what is really important in life. What life is about
That you look good, fit in society properly and you have to do this or do that
Relax, take it easy, beloved one. Everything will be ok. Will be fine

Here time does not exist. That is so earthly you know
We always go with the flow. Here is everything and nothing the same
We don’t make a fuss about to do lists, planning’s to hold on or hurry
Here is all peaceful. Love, Light and… peace
Maybe you should have some inner peace as well
Because you keep on running on a daily basis. You totally lost your original route

We are all equal here. We only see others souls in the Light and Love
They carry inside. In their energies. That is what counts
Sometimes we feel sorry for you humans
All that earthly restrictions and rules to live by
And your clock is ticking. Life passes by. Tick-tack. Tick-tack
Instead of the eternity what surround our universal souls

We do not envy you at all anymore. After we passed by
We sure missed some earthly things. The connections, our families
The love we shared with our loved ones
Never forget that dear children but if we have to choose
Between your clock, standards of life and that rat race of yours
It is not strange that we tell you that we love our rest here

We do not say that humanity is nothing at all
But you limit your lives with your earthly ego’s and minds
You all only are human, you know. Be aware of that
Forget the limitations and imperfections
Live your lives in your full potential and dare to make mistakes
Dare to be different. Dare to choose for your route in life

Live your lives without restrictions. Let your souls evolve, dear children
That is what your lives are all about. That is your purpose
For being born (again). That you contribute with your souls
To the greater good. To fulfill you divine tasks in life
So, be so humane as you can with all your faults
Live the earth school as it is meant to be and be a student in it
That is all what we want. That is all what we wanted to say to you

Written down by B Engeltje