How “to make Love” with life? Tips to make Love with your life

1 Love yourself. Without true Love for yourself you’re not connected with your inner being. To be able to connect yourself in Love with others you have to be aligned. Be in balance with your mind and soul (and the heart as seat for your loving soul)

2 Focus on the positive. Create your own loving energy around you. What you think, you might attract. According to the universal Law of Attraction. Therefor it is really important what you think and which energy you want to send out

3 Show your kindness. Be as helpful as you can. Shine your bright inner Light on others. Make their lives easier with your Light, compassion and kindness. Try to be the lighting in the life of others, the world around you.

4 Enlarge your life perspective. Your vision. A narrow mindset increases the negative energy. Stay open minded towards yourself and others. Don’t limit yourself with your small point of view in life. You put with your small perspective limitations on your life. That should be a pity, isn’t it?

5 All in nature, all what our beautiful nature has to offer, is pure Light and Love. With all the positive vibes. Natural beauty, as trees, animals, plants, resonate on a high frequency in the universe. Surround you with the loving vibrations of all the beautiful things our planet earth has to offer. And bring yourself on a higher frequency level.

Success with your Love attempts to make yourself a more loving person. And our world more ‘lovable’.  Create your own ‘heaven on earth’.

B Engeltje❤️