Arms of Love

Hush, little darling. Stop crying
You know everything will be alright
Don’t worry so much. Leave it to us
Your life will be so much better
You weren’t happy for such a long time
Something had to happen, you know
We were aware of that. We realized that
Your soul had to be loved and lived too
Dry your tears and give your fears to us
We are aware that huge changes
Are rumbling through your entire life
That you have to leave your comfort zone
Sooner than you might have thought

You have to live this Love
You feel it in your heart and soul
Give your worries and all your anxieties to us
For transmutation into help from the universe
We will help you, you are conscious of that
Sure, we know you have to go through this all
But never forget these changes are for the greater good
To align you up with your universal task
What is waiting for you and will be reality soon
Dry your tears dear child of Love and Light
Your soulmate is waiting to dry your tears too
This wise and tender man who knows what pain is
Sorrow, loneliness and feeling different and
Not understood in this big great world too

You want to be understand, isn’t dear?
That someone puts an arm around you
And knows what you have to cope with in life
Nobody knows for so far that you never wanted
This task, your universal task, and to go back to earth again
To fulfill your purpose of the soul for others
Therefor your silver lining was never broken
That’s the reason why you can communicate with us
So pure and with great Love and dedication
You’re devoted to your task. You enthusiasm is unstoppable
With all your heart and great loving soul
That’s why you had to go back to fulfill your purpose once again
We know you wept a long time about our choice and
Being unhappy so long as you can remember

Don’t forget we are grateful and we help you so much
As good as we can. You are surrounded and protected
With so many Light beings they almost carry you
Through your harsh earthly life for so far
We promise you, dear child, everything will be better
From the moment you will follow your heart, soul and the Love
You realize that this great Love is waiting for you and has to be lived
To let both loving souls, working in the Light, evolve
That is why we say once again: hush, little darling, come in our arms
We will comfort you and accompany along your route
Keep on supporting and helping you
Whispering in your ears all the time that everything will be fine

Please do believe us, dear earthly child of Light and Love
You will never be alone again now you meet more
Equal people, lightworkers, with similar struggles, pains and tasks
We know huge changes are coming according to your plan of the soul
So, once again we want to tell you, everything will be fine
Sooner as you think. Because arms of Love are waiting for you
From someone you have a deep, very deep soul connection with
Life will be a lot happier and happiness is waiting for you on a daily basis
So we ask you kindly, out of our deep universal Love for you, keep your head up
And be aware that all the changes, all the things you have to let go
Have to be lived according to the divine plan of your soul
This is in line with all the things what are written down in the blueprint
The blueprint of your loving soul, dear child. You know what we mean

Come on. Dry your tears and look ahead to the bright future
What is waiting for you. You can live your dreams, isn’t that great?
You can live you heart and soul too. And all the Love on your path
Including the Love of your life. He is waiting for you now
To put his arms around you, to cradle and to take care of you
Isn’t that pure Love from soul to soul? Live it dear. Live it
Make a start with your contribution to the universal plan of Love
To prepare the world for the transformation to the fourth dimension
Be a Light what shines on others so brightly that they want to stand in your Light
Show them your sparkle and move them to chase their dreams too
Make them aware of their blueprint of the soul and who they in essence are
Spread the Love that all people you meet will feel this Love
So that they are conscious about their own inner loving beings and hearts

Open hearts for us. For others. For the greater good
That is why you are alive now. We gave birth to your loving soul
This will be the last time you ever be on earth, we promise
If you fulfill your task properly measured in the Light and Love of our dimension
So once again. Live your life as it comes. Follow your heart
Focus on your task and live your soul. Walk the path of your soul firmly and consistently
Never forget we are there all the time for you to support you, advice you
We will carry you as much as we can on your life mission
Live your soul, dear child. Live your heart and most of all live the Love
What lies right in front of you on a silver dining plate
Ready to be served to you. You already know that. We told you over and over again
Are you comforted now, dear child? Can we leave you behind without worrying?
Your earthly comforting arms will be served soon, we think. We do our best
As much as we can. You know we can do a lot, but not everything
We know a lot, but not everything. But you can rely on that
We go now. Hopefully you feel better now. Give your fears to us, dear child of Love and Light

Written down by B Engeltje (Irmgard)