True deep soul Love

I believe in true Love…
In deep soul connections
With an interdimensional attraction
Between both souls
As souls made love contracts
Long before the adaptions gave birth
This Love has to be lived
As written in the blueprints of these souls
To live this Love is meant to be
According to the divine plan

Great passionate soul Love
Lived by the heart and soul
Is the most profound
Love there ever will be
This Love is so beautiful
That it can even give you wings
Wings of love to let you fly
To great heights in the sky
So that sparks of Love will fill space
With great astonishing firework
A transcendental experience

A heart full of soul passion
Has to be lived. Always! Always!!!
Let your heart shine and glow
That your inner child feels like dancing
In order to feel young and alive again
Wouldn’t that be great?
That Love will save you
From your lonely heart forever
Live the soul Love of your live
Because Love… Is all there is
That is one thing for sure

Live your soul Love
That is the only thing we ask you now
Bring both souls to a higher frequency
Be a huge child of Light and Love
Shine your inner Light on the other soul
To gain that life sparkle again
Your inner Lights were almost extinct
That is not how we want it to be
Life! Glow! Sparkle! Live the Love!
Love your soul so much that you will
Embrace it with Love. Pure and true Love

Love, B Engeltje

Ps For someone special who is very, very dear to me