From dreams to Love: live them!

Where are you afraid of, dear child?
Why do you have so many doubts?
As a kid you had dreams, plenty of them
Sure we do know that, we were there
Tell us why these beautiful dreams weren’t lived
Didn’t come true until now
These dreams will haunt you day by day
That is for certain. Until the end we can say
We can promise this as we know the plan of your soul
Because it is your task in life to live your purpose
Why you were born in the first place

We gave you a task, a special gift
To contribute to humanity, to your earthly world
We still regret you do not chase these dreams
And be the person we want you to be
With all your unique and special characteristics
We want you to live your authentic you
The essence of who you actually are
The purpose of your inner being
The task of your soul in this life
You are coming to earth for a reason, don’t forget that

We keep on remembering you, telling you
The importance to listen to your heart
To listen to your soul and the intuition
As the voice of your heart and soul
They know your path, your way, your life purpose
Why do you keep the door to your heart locked?
We know life issues and all the things you had to live
Were sometimes very painful
All these life experiences have put layers on your heart
That is why you cannot reach your heart and soul properly

You just have to reflect on yourself
And ask yourself who you actually are
To know what the essence of your true inner being is
You have to let go all the pains from the past
To Love yourself again before the healing process can start
Yes, you just have to heal yourself and
Pull all these thick layers around your heart away
Before you even can reach out for your heart and soul
Life matters often forces you to reflect on yourself
To find yourself back and reconnect with yourself

We never said life would be easy
We repeated that constantly to your souls
Before they came (back) to earth with their tasks
But we often see that you are disconnected
From your inner beings, from your hearts and souls
That is why we keep on repeating the importance
Of opening your loving hearts
And as the heart is the seat of your soul
To find your souls back in your hearts
Live your live by the heart and soul
To be the most happy version of yourself

Live your dreams, your life purpose
Live your Love to. For yourself, for others
It is never too late to start over again
To fulfill your dreams from the heart of in Love
You are never too old, never! Don’t even think that
Feed your heart and souls with what you want to do
From dreams to Love, from soul Love to life tasks
Live them! Live them now! Always!
Just listen to your heart and souls. Let the intuition guide you

Be happier. Be the Light in this frequently dark world
Be the Light that shines on others
Live your lives in Love, great Love, to make the world more loving
It is never too late to start over, dear children
Never! You are worthy to live your dreams, life purposes
And Love. Real deep Love. Soul Love
Love as Love is meant to be. Always
Try to find that sparkle back and glow again
Hold hands, feel in your hearts and do what you feel

Let your heart lead you to your destination
Let your heart be the voice of your life
Let your heart be the guide in Love
Let your heart be the navigator to fulfill your life dreams
Let your heart be the source for a happy life
Let your heart be a good host for your loving soul
Let your heart be the residence of the real you
Let your heart be as compassionate and caring as you can be

Live the Love, dear children!
Live your dreams!
Live what you want to do in life!
Live the most authentic you!
Live your live as the soul wants you to do!
Live happiness! Happiness for all
That is all. That is we wanted to say to you
We embrace you in Love

By B Engeltje