You are loved, surrounded and protected by many Light beings

We each have many Light Beings around us:

– To help us on our life mission
– To give us support
– To Love us unconditionally
– To be there and guide us on our earthly path called life
– To teach us life lessons
– To wrap ‘arms’ around you when you need this
– To protect you as guardian angels
– To walk beside you on the path of the soul carrying your blueprint
– To advice you and whisper in your ears

We are surrounded and protected with many Light Beings as the other dimension lives between us and near us. We came to earth with great pureness en Lightness in our souls and human adaptions. But along the path life gave us more and more veils. Our vision started going to be misty, cloudy and veiled. Therefor we often cannot see these beautiful Light Beings anymore. Our vision is troubled and we lost the connection with this beautiful world of Light and Love the more and more. When we were kids we could notice these Light Beings better as our clearness and consciousness, about the presence of these beautiful souls of Love and Light of the other dimension, wasn’t blurred as it often is nowadays.

And the more we live by the ego, the head and our minds the more we lost that profound connection with our hearts. As the heart is the seat of your loving soul, the door to your intuition, you have to open your heart and start listening to your intuition. We cannot see the other dimension with our ego minded adaptions alone, you know. You need your intuition to do this, that deep inner feeling we all have. To increase your awareness in the other dimension, the soul world -the world of the many Light Beings there are,- you might start living by the heart, your intuition and let these intuitive feelings guide you along your path. The path of your loving soul as the most reliable route you could ever take and follow in your entire life. The path of fulfulling your dreams and make with your capacities, talents and qualities the world a better place. A beautiful place to live. Contribute with your God given gifts to ‘the greater good’. Create your heaven on earth.

You can increase your intuition and make small steps in order to gain more insight in yourself and to be able to feel and connect with the many Light Beings which surround us. In the stillness of yourself you can find all the answers. But also the sight to, the awareness and connection with the other dimension. You can increase your frequency as the other dimension vibrates on a higher frequency as they resonate, as beings of the Light and Love, in purity standard on a high(er) level. Meditation is a really good start to increase your vibration. But also listening to or playing music. Or being outside in the nature as nature itself is pure and full of Love and resonates standardly on a high frequency. Dance! Sport! Move that body!!! Movement also makes you vibrate and resonate on a higher level. Well isn’t that great??? Doing what you love to do and meanwhile it brings you to a higher vibration.

We all have a ‘third eye’ to feel, sense and see beyond our own dimension. You are also capable to see with your third eye.!We all have talent for that! Some have a greater talent for it but naturally anybody is able to do this. In the stillness of your inner beings you can find so much! Your heart ans doul know all the answer. Listen to the voice within. The voice of your soul, the intuition, is the most truthful source there is. Our minds can fool us but the heart and intuition never do! Find your Light within, the true essence of who you are and find your authentic self and truth. Discover your own talents and be aware, listen to your heart and know who you actually are. Embrace all the qualities you have. So as the envision and vision to see the other dimension and make contact with your angels, guides of loving souls or those who surround you. Just make a try! This is so beautiful. And if you want to make intuition  as your guide along the path, in your life, on a daily routine you can actually make it your lifestyle!

For information about how to make intuition a part of your life you can look at the #IntuitionTheMission Facebook page about the life mission of Carmen Dijkema, medium. ?? Integrate intuition and alle matters of the heart and soul into your life! It will give more happiness and satisfaction in life you ever dreamt of.

Love B Engeltje