How the universe rules with Love…

The universe takes care of us
Will always be there to guide us along the route, called earthly life
Makes everything come true as it is scheduled
You just have to start believing in it

The universe takes you with them
To lead you on your unique path of the soul
So that you can live your life as it should be. As it is meant to be, universally seen
And chase your dreams. To live them for the greater good

The universe gives you presents, as much as you want
Every time again. Open your eyes to notice them
To receive these gifts of them. This is their way to show their Love for you
When the gift party is there, be thankful and humble

Synchronicities will come your way. Yes they do!
As soon as you start walking on the path
The soul wants you to walk. According to the blueprint of your loving soul
Receive, in the knowledge you are rewarded for your effort

The universe will comfort you when you’re down, sad or are in pain
They are there, ever, to help you and make you feel happy again
You can always ask for their help. Don’t hesitate! Because they want to be helpful
As much as they can. Be clear in what you ask. Earthly matters are distantly

You are protected, Loved and seen by the universe!
They really do! They care for you as a child of Light and Love
The universe know the essence of who you really are
The authentic you as you are supposed to live on your earthly voyage: called life

The universe embraces you, your unique soul
And as the evolution of the soul is of great importance for them
They will take you by the hand to make this come true
So that you can evolve as a child of God on the ‘staircase of souls’…

Believe in the greatness of the universe, and the many Light Beings there are
They are around us everywhere! In the dimension of Love and Light
The dimension of Love that embraces us totally with great Love
With all our human faults and imperfections. Isn’t that loving and true, true Love???

Written down by B Engeltje