Happy Soul!!!

There might be some faults in the text. I couldn’t sleep tonight of the huge changes what are rumbling through my entire life. It is 4.29 in the morning. Perhaps excuse me for my English… I will look after it when I am really awake…

Love, B Engeltje❤️

Time flies by. Earthly time we mean
Here we have eternity
That’s a long time you know
But as your adaption and your loving soul
Are living into the dust nowadays
You have to be aware that the clock is ticking
And your date of existence expires
It is not that we want to warn you, not at all!
Nevertheless as your time flies by, so your life does
Even all that great dreams you have
And the happiness you never or hardly lived

Your souls weren’t assigned a task to
Just to be unhappy and not living its dreams
No, dear children, your soul wants to evolve
Even all that beautiful dreams wants to be lived too
Your soul, as a essential part of your loving heart
Has an inner expansion force to be lived
To evolve into the Light and Love of our dimension
Sometimes you can feel this fire within your soul
Therefor this soul can be unstoppable
It has seen the chance to find more Light and Love

The empowerment of the soul comes from the ‘desire’
The ‘wish’ to bring it’s frequency, the vibration of energy
As all in the universe is energy
On a higher level of resonation in our stardom
You cannot blame your soul for doing this
The soul is ‘preprogrammed’ in its energy to do so. To live this!
If you ever acknowledge this huge force to expand, just follow it
Because this soul is unstoppable and will keep pushing
Your adaption, your earthly body, to follow its route
It is not that your adaption wants to do this
This is due to the really pushing soul who is ‘dying for’ to evolve

You can try to stop the process. Yes you can! You choose!
But as your adaption is fighting against your natural universal desire
You will be unhappy, unsatisfied and feel like you are not living at all
This can emerge up to a life time, you know!
We cannot emphasize, cannot explain
How necessarily it is to share yourself after your soul
If you don’t want to be unhappy all the time
Your pushing soul will push you so hard beyond
Your limits and comfort zone that this is
As an internal bomb who wants to go of
This is hardly to explain to anyone, even to your earthly adaption

Time flies by, as we said before, tic-tac tic-tac, your expiration date
Is coming nearby, dear children, very nearby
Do you feel the pressure inside? Inside your soul?
This feeling will put you beyond everything
You ever have known and this force can’t be slowed down
When a day comes and you actually feel this empowerment
From inside, in the essence of your inner being
Don’t even try to stop or cancel the process!
Because the process will live you. Your earthly adaption
When your are related to someone who has this inside pushy feeling
They cannot explain how they feel! They just follow their expansion
As they hardly understand what is going on, they aren’t able to explain this

In the process of the natural force of your soul to evolve
Please go with the flow and rely on this and be confident
That this path will lead you to a greater happiness in life
That is all about, dear children! So it is
If this ever comes across in your life of in the life of your loved one
Don’t even think you or your loved one can stop this process!
This is what the soul wants to live! Nothing more nothing less
Be as trustful as you can, hand your fears over to the universe
And let them guide you to your new destination
Be confident that this renewed path of the soul
Will bring you on a higher frequency, seen in the pure Love and Light

Don’t be afraid, dear children, to Love your souls
To live your heart and souls when they want to expand and evolve
To chase your dreams and live them for the universe. The greater good
If you can surrender in great acceptance to the process
It will bring you Love, happiness and reliance
As the soul is more in line with it’s natural plan of the soul
The alignment of your soul with its final destination
We know you are scared, uncertain and out of balance
But trust us, dear child, it is for all parties involved the best
You know this already, dear child of Love and Light
Give your anxieties and all what you do fear to us for transmutation

We are proud as you decide to make the step, do the move
All to make your heart and soul happy!
Your are sad, in the beginning, because all you ever have known
Is washed away in a fraction of a second, dear beloved one
As soon as your basic, your ground certainty, is established, is in balance
You don’t know what a relief, what a happy, space fully feeling
Is coming to you as your awareness increases
That your loving soul is feeling a great happiness
As the heart glows, sparkles and lightens up
In the chest, in the inner being of your earthly adaption
And that, dear children, has to be lived! In the now moment

We cannot emphasize the importance to follow the heart and the soul
We said before they always know your route and destination
Therefor trust your intuition, the voice of the heart and the soul
This most truthful loudness of your deeper inner body
Knows what it feels, on a natural based way
Don’t even hesitate to ignore this beautiful authentic feeling!
There is nothing more you can rely on as your intuitive speaking
So once again. Time flies by! The earthly clock called time is ticking
Tic-tac. Tic-tac… Will you let it pass or are you willing to live this?
Call us when you need our help to live it! We will be there to accompany you

Written down by B Engeltje (Irmgard)