Deep, deep soul Love

When you Love another deeply
From soul tot soul
By the heart to heart
Please be aware that such deep, deep soul Love
Is hard to find, in the entire universe
Deep soul Love is as Love is meant to be
As we have foreseen Love in the Light and Love
Of our loving dimension, the world of souls
The dimension of Love and Light

May be you might end up with a soul Love
Passing you on your way through earthly life
If you notice such deep Love, be awake enough
Not to let this profound Love walk away from you
Deep, deep soul Love has to be lived!!!
As the universe might say so
There is no free will involved
As the plans of the souls, even a soul contract
Enhance this arranged marriage of souls

Once again. This Love has to be lived!
For us, for others, for the greater good
So that the Light what occurs
Such a steady pure and deep soul Love
‘The arranged universal marriage’
Has to be lightened up on others
To let this pure Light of Love shine so brightly
That others feel this universal Love in their hearts
In order to open many hearts as possible

Yes, dear children, isn’t that great!
That the Light and Love of a ‘soul marriage’
Can light others up to make it possible to feel the Love
Deep inside their inner beings
In the essence of who they are
With only one purpose: to let to chase them their dreams
In consciousness to use the unique talents they have
To make a loving contribution to your world
For the greater good. To lift up mankind

To spread the Love. As Love is all there is
In order to sow with flowers of Love
Airplanes loads full of flowers
For others. To reach the hearts
Whoever will pick this flower up
Will be able to plant this beautiful colourful flower
In their hearts. To nourish and water the plant
To grow seeds of Love that they are capable
To spread seeds of Love by themselves!

We say soul Love will find you, always!
Nothing more nothing less
Never chase Love as Love will find you
Often on the most unexpected moments
Isn’t that purity and how Love should be?
Real Love is from soul to soul
We, as the universe, know the difference. But do you?
Deep, deep soul Love is as the souls are longing
To be together. Longing being together
That is wonderfully beautiful

With Love, in Love & for the Love

Written down by B Engeltje (Irmgard)