Be silent

Mijn tweede stukje van vandaag…

Be silent…

In the stillness
In the stillness of your inner being
In the stillness of your heart and soul
In the stillness of the natural beauty what surrounds you

With their serene, purity and uncondonditional Love
In accordance with the loving universe
The dimension of Light and Love
You will also find all the answers there

All the answers you want to know
All the answers you need to know
All the answers you have to know
You can find all the answers in your inner truth

As the intuition speaks to you
Straight from the heart and soul
Always with great dedication and pure Love & Light
Just listen to that beautiful voice of your loving essence

Let me tell you even you think you’re out of balance
Feel deeply inside and you realize that this deep feelings
Shouldn’t be ignored at all. Because the heart and the soul
Is an universal, energetical intelligence who speaks to you beyond dimensions

As we, the universe the world of Love and Light, speak to you
We definitely have an awareness that we know where we are talking about
Make sure you rely on your hearts and souls, beloved ones
And you will find your solution. The next step to take. The move to make

No excuses accepted. Soulplans have to be followed. Live the Love
In the stillness of your inner being your universe will hide the answers
Don’t be scared anymore. All the answers of Love are there
Waiting to be heard. By your truthful voice of the soul and the heart: the intuition

That is all we wanted to say to anyone who is touched by our loving words
We, speaks men of the dimension of Light and Love, soul brothers
Emphasize that meditation and an alignment between the mind and the heart
Is the best way to find your inner truth. And so it is. Always!

What has to be lived, must be lived. When soulplans and a soulcontract are involved
There is no issue of willing. It is just a issue of doing. Take the step. Make the move
That is all we want. Nothing more nothing less. Find the stillness and find the deep Love
Because Love, we keep saying this, is ALL there is. Always! Everywhere!

Your soulbrothers from the dimension of Light and Love.

Written down by B Engeltje (Irmgard)