Go with your soul flow…

When one day someone walks without noticing
Into your life and you realize, feel deeply,  in your heart and soul
This is the one. The one and only. The Love of your life
You was waiting so long for this Love to come
Wouldn’t that be great! To live this Love in great happiness

Certainly when you feel deep in your soul, your inner being
That this is more, more what you sometime felt
It goes beyond any feeling ever. It’s an energy you can’t explain
It keeps your thoughts and body moving
With a deep loving feeling in your heart and soul

When a soul Love feels so deep, that it almost hurts
That you can hardly stand on your feet. You shake and falter
That’s called real Love. Real soul Love. Without earthly boundaries
Love as Love is meant to be. That’s all what is
We kindly ask to live this love. Let it happen

It takes two to live this beautiful soul Love. Always. Anywhere
Well one of a loving kind doesn’t make a loving pair. Isn’t it?
Life is going to be harsh when the other “soul party involved”
Decides to walk a different way. And leave you ‘behind’ with a burning soul
Is this called universal Love than? Please tell

But when this occurs to you, dear child
Don’t be afraid, insecure or out of balance
What is meant to be, is meant to be. Always!
What has to happen, has to happen. Everywhere!
Just rely on the countless wonders and the power of the universe

And when the universe, the dimension of Love and Light
Has other plans with you. Well you just have to accept that
You can imagine than that this Love is not meant to be
That could be painful, and your heart is filled with tears
Still life goes on you know. How harsh it can be sometimes

Nevertheless, you can keep your thoughts
As positive as you can. Just rely on the universe. Their move
When this has to be manifested, go with the flow
There are different routes to a final Love destination
Let it go, trust the plan and look who’s coming on your way…???

Love, B Engeltje