Nurture your flower!

You’re on your path you know
It’s not about the future, or the past
Only the now is meaningful
As you gave birth you came to earth
With a divine mission
Called the path of the soul
As soon as you start walking this beautiful
Life changing and ‘extra-terrestrial’ path
Of your loving and unique soul
You’re on your mission in earthly life

We don’t care when you start walking your path
It is never too late. Some people do think that
But that is not true. The intention by heart
Is the most wonderful Love for your soul
Your loving soul needs happiness and Love to bloom
Without Love a soul cannot open itself fully
It is as an unseeded flower laying in your chest
To be watered, seeded and nourished
Without care and Love for your most truthful inner being
Your flower will never grow, never bloom and never open itself

The flower of your existence, the bloom
That breath taking flower cup of your being
Isn’t able to bloom without proper nourishment
When you lack to take care of your essence in life
The heart, as residence for your beautiful soul
You will never be able to flourish in accordance with the universal plan
The plan of your unique, specific soul
This plan will guide you through life. It always does! Ever!
But when the nutrition you need is not there
Or is not willing to be a part of your life as nourishment
Your cup, the soft flower inside, cannot grow and bloom properly

Some people might think that every water, seed and carrying
Is significant enough, is good enough for your flower
But when the soul requires a special treatment to make you grow
As the souls intention is to grow, to evolve and to maintain
That higher vibration and frequency in life
You can imagine when your inner being, your soul
Is not watered, loved of nurtured sufficiently
The flower within cannot grow as the soulplan requires
And all the Love in this flower, the core of your soul
Cannot be lived as it should be. In accordance with the divine purpose
To spread the seeds of Love to others with your unique talents and gifts

Therefor you might think that no contribution is required
To your sweet, loving flower of your life
As this soul is ever the Love of your life
Your feelings are not correct. Yóu have to take care of your soul!
To let this beautiful soul in Light and Love grow
As we keep telling you over and over again
To take care of your soul and live your dreams fully
As we want you to live your souls as planned
Make an effort, make a contribution to let this beautiful soul grow
Reflect on yourself and ask what do I need to live my soul?

Start with acceptance, Love and great dedication
To open and follow your heart. Yes always!
Don’t be scared anymore. Don’t be insecure
Don’t let the pains in your heart and your injuries
Determine your path. And when you look in the greater good
The path of others. As we are all connected
Therefor we kindly ask yourself look beyond your pains
Anxieties and insecurities and live your soul
Live the Love of your soul! Live the Love in life
With an open, loving heart and your soul

No more procrastination! Flourish your particular flower
This beautiful pure Light and Love in your existence
No more excuses! Let your pains for what they are
And start to nurture your loving flower in life
As you are connected to this soul forever
Do not set your dreams, Love and happiness aside
Because of your fears. What have taken over your heart
So water the grounds where you walk on
Plant the seeds in your heart and soul
And live the happiness, the Love of your life and your
Particular flower. Your flower of love. Connect!

Written down by B Engeltje