Believe in yourself!

When the future makes you insecure
Out of balance wherever you might go
Hush, little darling, give your anxieties to us
Guardians of the dimensions of Light and Love
We know your life is upside down and
Huge changes are rumbling through your entire life
This period of being back to your basics
The roots of whoever you are
In the essence of you loving being
Is necessary to conquer, gain power and to give you strength

Strength is what you need, dear child
To follow the path of your soul
In this uniqueness you will sow so much Love
As much Love as you can give
As much Love we want you to give. For others
Always for others. You know that and in great acceptance
Dedication and Love you perform, carry out and
Fulfill your task as we, the universe, want you to fulfill
All the steps you may take are necessary
Each step, although how small it can be, has to be taken

You know much, dear child, you feel and sense enough
To know were your path of your loving soul will take you to
Even who will pass and cross this path
Who will accompany you on your route, your loving task
We speak al lot to you and each message gives you clarity
So that you will not be out of balance
The reason here for is that when you are not powerful
You cannot do your task in great love, progress and fulfilment
That is why we support you so much
There are many light beings involved to help, comfort and nourish you

What we tell you is the truth. You can rely on that!
When someone tells you that you have presumptions
Stick to your own believe! You know what you are capable of
Why doubt your unique God given skills only
When somebody else is afraid of facing the facts?
Please do not doubt and go out of balance
You have a loving task to do. You know that sweet child of Love
Trust your natural born skills and what others say is for them
Nothing more nothing less. You are not mad! Not at all!
It is in line and good for your process to give people their own words back

We kindly ask you DO your thing! As we ask you to do
Don’t hesitate and go for it. When something has to happen
It will happen. Always! Just follow your path and go with the flow
What is meant to be, is always meant to be
Don’t think too much, live by the moment. That’s always now
Fears and anxieties of others aren’t your cup of tea, my dear child
We work hard on these fears. Just believe that
But they aren’t yours. You are aware of that
Once again. DO your thing. Your task in Love
For others. For the greater good. And believe in Love

Love is always there. You know. Because you have a great loving heart
That’s why you are assigned to your universal task
Even this you know as your consciousness is on a high level
To fulfill your task someday you need Love too
Because Love is the nourishment for the soul. Everybody’s soul
Especially yours because your task blooms on Love and needs to be fed
Nourished by Love. Much Love. It will come on your way
When the time is right and in line with every party involved
We have to take care for others too, you know. As you all are connected
When all the things fall into place than the time is right

Let it go for a while. When it’s time it will cross you path
It has already crossed your path but the time was not right
You felt that precisely and we are proud of you
That you pick so easily everything up. In your process
You just follow the process what is meant to be
Written in the blueprint of your loving soul
This route map of your earthly adaption and soul during this life
Is your guide in life. And you follow this so easily
As you can step aside and track the right way to follow
If you have worries let them go. We will deal with them

The empowerment of your being is going to increase
You know that. That was part of the plan
To make you powerful and independent. It’s all for the best
Even that you live in great awareness, ‘O sweet child
Your skills will improve. Certainly when you will be uplifted
To a higher frequency of Light and Love. We already told you that
Just wait and see who and what is coming on your path
And already this you know. We tell you too much we think…
But we have to tell you what we are allowed to tell you
This aren’t projections! Be sure of that!
Don’t let anyone make you doubt about your skills. And our messages!

Believe in yourself, dear loving child. And work in the Light
With great dedication and Love for all, for everything and for the task
We know you have great Love inside and for your assigned task
And we are glad for that. Please write that down. So people understand this
What we want to tell you and them. Everybody should believe in themselves
In the task. Their purpose of life. Because that’s what you’re all here for
Not to live your lives as you want to live it. No way!
You’re all here to live your life in accordance with the path of the soul
Your loving souls who wants to live your uniqueness, talents and dreams
You partially live your dreams. You write to the stars with Love
Loving words to the moon and back. We hope others will dream as big too
So that they can life their dreams, talents for the greater good
That is what we want to tell you and them. In Love for the greater good. Always!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love, By B Engeltje