Stubborn Love

There is nothing more beautiful than Love
Love as the pillar of your life, earthly life
As the basis from which you exist
The loving grounds under your feet
Love is a happy life matter. It should be. Always!
As Love is the deepest feeling you can have
For another. For others. For a special person
Love connects you straight from the heart to a heart
From soul to a soul. Isn’t that great, dear child?
Well it is. As we say so. Love is the pillar of our dimension
We know where we are talking about
As Love is (certainly here) all what is

Love cannot be found, Love will find you! Always! Anywhere!
You will face it at least when you expect it
And it will take you by surprise. Just in your case
Love is all what is. We keep emphasizing this because
In your earthly rat race you intend to forget to Love
Sometimes even to live. That’s a pity isn’t it?
May be you’re just a ‘tool’ in life or, like you, for our dimension
But Love has to be lived! Also in your rat races
In your universal tasks. Even ‘tools’ need Love! Much Love!
Yes, you can tell that to the person involved
Please write that down for us. To make that clear

Don’t forget to Love, dear children
Certainly when a deep, deep (soul) Love will cross your path
This Love has to be lived, as we say so, and we
Brothers of Love, cupids of Love
Will send as much arrows as necessary to hit you
That you wake up, see the Love and live this Love
What is meant to be, is meant to be
Noting more nothing less. That’s what we want to say
Such profound Love is hard to find
When it crosses your path in life or soul path
Don’t stick your nose in the earthly sand

We kindly ask you don’t let your fears and anxieties rule you
Don’t let your heart and soul taken over with fear
Fear is a real ‘Love killer’, you know!!!
We like Love, not fears! Don’t be so stubborn
You know who we mean and why we say this to you
We could whisper this in your ears too
But it is important to hear our words through another
To make you more aware where we are talking about
Also ‘she’ does only her thing and was surprised by our actions
Don’t forget that! Be mild and compassionate
Don’t be so rusty that you can’t move at all

Live the Love! Always! The more profound this Love is
The more we should ‘kick your but’ and to make a move
You know it’s us to tell this to you, dear child of Love and Light
To live the Love of your life. Don’t look away or be afraid
Or take another route. You might think you can take another route
Don’t forget the powers of the universe! Gods ways are inconceivable
Of all people you should know this! We don’t make you out of balance
But what has to be lived, has to be lived
For others. For the greater good. You know this, isn’t it?
Why so stubborn, beloved one? Give it a try! Alone is alone
And chances go by. They don’t last forever, you know

This is for you. If you doubt about Love
Real Love can be felt in the heart and soul
It can burn so hard, it can long so hard and deep
That it even can hurt, so badly that your soul cries
Cries with the thought of a lost Love
Doesn’t make this you realize enough that this Love has to be lived?
Your lonely soul needs Love, comfort and care too
Tell that to your mind. Filled with fears, anxieties and
All the ‘mountains’ of difficulties you might see
You think you can take another path. Just do. Follow that
But once again. What has to be lived, has to be lived

We are stubborn too, you know. We, from the dimension of Light and Love
We will bring you back to the original path, as long and many as it takes
Until the moment you start to realize that this profound Love can’t be washed away
May be we are ‘stalking’ you now in your quiet life full of loneliness
But we keep on knocking on the door of your soul
To awaken your soul and to make the soul conscious
Every time again. You can’t walk away when there is an universal
Plan involved. Or we might say three universal plans involved
This is your chance on deep, deep, everlasting soul Love
You know why we let her say this to you. She don’t but that is even
Make the move! Take the step! Give that arm! Live that Love!

That is what we wanted to say. To tell you. O’ stubborn man
Nothing more nothing less. You get it now?
Live the Love! Live your life! In great happiness, joy and Love
How beautiful could that be? Just follow the heart and the soul
They always know the way. The right path to walk on
Don’t feel lost anymore. Take the right exit in life
We leave you now. We certainly come back
Emphasizing and telling you what is right for you
Because we have the impression that your pains have
Hardened your heart a little bit and that is not how we want to see that
If you want help, we are there for you. Always! Just ask
Live this profound Love!!! That is all what we ask for

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)