It all starts with you

When your base is out of balance
You don’t take enough time for yourself, to care for yourself
How will you be able to help others
If you do not know how to nurture yourself?

It’s the same with Love
How can you love someone (deeply)
When you can’t Love yourself first?
Just from a loving basis you can spread the Love

We can tell you the same about
All the heart matters there are
How to be compassionate, kind, helpful
When you always forget yourself. Always!

It all starts with you. That is not called selfish!
That is learning how to take care for you as a loving being
And how to process these caring things to others
To make a loving contribution to the world

So, it all starts with you. To nurture your being
The heart, the soul and your earthly adaption
To be the best version of yourself
What enables you to give the Love and to care for others

B Engeltje