Universally planned “shit”

We do not have always have a choice in life
Especially when soul plans and
Soul contracts are involved
When the universe is going to interfere
In your live, shit can happen, you know!
I have been there, many times
And the things, the issues, the harsh life matters
The universe threw at me, over and over again
It made me stronger, each time
Because everything I had to face
Was just a lesson. A life lesson
To make me grow, to evolve
In order to be, in the end, the best version of myself

This is a life time process!
And “shit happens” along the route. Sometimes
If you can accept that, learn to deal with all this
It is just about how to handle “the shit”,
You can relief and let it go
I believe this is inherent to life itself
It has, actually, nothing to do with you!
With your earthly adaption
Mostly all the things you have to face, to deal with
Is, certainly when it is written down in the blueprint
Of your loving soul, universally planned
It is all about to let your beautiful soul evolve
In the Light and Love of the other dimension

Nevertheless, although the frames are fixed in this blueprint
They can much, but not everything
There’s always coincidence, they have to deal with other people
Because everything and everybody in the universe is connected
It’s is like a big framework, with seperate parts
And to make the energy work, several parts must spin
To make your life, soul and plan working
Life is all about energy, soulplans and the evolution
Of your loving souls to Enlightment
And shit, dear reader, does happen sometimes
Planned or not planned. But always keep the lesson
It’s for your loving soul to make it evolve
And to make you the best version of yourself in this life!

By B Engeltje (Irmgard)❤️