Love is just Love

Love itself never hurts
Love is just Love
As the most profound
Loving, deep and inner
Feeling you ever can experience
Straight from the heart
From soul to soul

People can hurt you
Love itself never
Causes any pain, suffer
Of gives you heartache
As Love is so loving
So beautiful and warm
Don’t blame Love when
The reason of your sadness
Can be found elsewhere

As Love is all there is
Live it! Feel it! Feel alive!
Let your inner being
Shout, sparkle and shine!
Don’t blame Love anymore
For all the things that hurt you!
Step aside. Refresh your memories
Look to your bright
And shining future ahead!

We do not say wash your pains away
What we mean is, look ahead!
To the deep, deep Love what’s there
Waiting for you to be lived
Be Loved! Glow and shine again!
Don’t be afraid anymore of Love
As Love itself never hurts
But people did! Please realize that
Before you decide “to walk away”

We know you are capable to Love again!
Leave all your worries behind
Don’t be afraid to Love again
It looks like the pains of the past
Left you with a great emptiness
In your loving heart and soul
Yes! You are able to Love again
Find the balance and follow your heart
Soul and truthful intuition

You know that the intuition always will lead you
That this will guide you to a greater happiness
Don’t feel sorry for yourself, or lonely or misunderstood
All the recognition you desire
From deep soul Love to deep soul Love
Is already there. Laying on a silver plate
To be served. Tell the universe when you are ready
We will be there to accompany you
Along this path of deep, deep soul Love

Deeply inside you are aware that this profound Love
Will never hurt you anymore. That‘s over
Because this loving person has also life injuries
Just like you. Be conscious of that!
This person will Love you with whole the heart
Soul and all the loving dedication there can be
You, and also the other person involved, deserves to be loved again
As Love is the greatest pillar in life, in the universe
We want you to live this Love
For us. For others. For the greater good!!!

That is all we wanted to tell you
We leave now and will be back soon
We, as the universe, are stubborn too
And keep knocking on your heart and soul
To increase your awareness
To take the right path. You know already
Which one to take, isn’t it?
But your fears hold you back
Hand your fears over to us and live this Love!!!
That’s all we want! That’s all we wish for you!
We wish for you both!

To do your thing. For us in the Light and Love
Reunited in Love to achieve higher frequencies
To spread the Love. Flowers of Love
Bunches full of loving flowers
Wouldn’t that be great, dear child?
As your universe we kindly ask you
Don’t hesitate. Don’t postpone your feelings anymore
It isn’t universal Love. You know that!
It is a deep, deep, a very deep soul Love
Nothing more, nothing less

So can we count on you?
To be a part in a greater
Universal plan of Love?
Tell us and we will help you on this fearful path
We will take you by the hand and lead you
As we also will do with the other, lightning, hand
Do not forget this Love will never hurt
This is how Love is meant to be
For you. For her. For us. For the greater good
You know that. So take the move! We will be there!

In Love. With (much & deep) Love. For the Love, B Engeltje❤️