DO what you Love, Love to do!

When life gives you so much pain
Your life let you suffer and face reality
Over and over again (almost) on a daily basis
That it wasn’t easy to cope with life at all, sometimes

You can conclude it was harsh until so far
But when you can transform
‘Your pains’ into a purpose of life
You might arise above your internal pains

Isn’t it great that you ‘survived’ these life lessons
How difficult they ought to be and how painful they were
You had times you might have given up, but you didn’t
Nevertheless, all these life lessons enabled you to open your lovely heart

Life is always trying to teach you a valuable lesson!
To let your lovely soul, as source of Love and Light, evolve
The Light what shines within your earthly adaption
Seen in this universal purity has to evolve. Always!

When you are aware of these lessons
The door to your heart, as seat of the soul
Can be opened to let your inner beings live, shine and sparkle
That is what life is all about, as we may say so

All the lessons together gave you the opportunity to grow
Evolve as an human being and be a more loving kind, example
Than you used to be. Because the universal Love
Has reached and touched you straight in your heart

Isn’t that great, dear children, that the universal Love and Light
Can reach you properly, directly when you opened your heart?
To let you shine and be as you are meant to be
As the essence of your inner being is unravelled

You’re such a source of Light and Love!
With your ego minded human appearance
You cannot live the universal purity as we want you to live
As Love is all there is we want you to live this as well!

You are not able to live the universal Love with a closed heart
Mostly, as said, you have to cope with the difficult, harsh side of life
To make you feel that you have a loving heart with a door to enter
Life itself pulls you often so hard until you realize you have to open this entrance

But on the moment you step into this loving seat
As the most profound residence of your aligned soul
In the purity, Light and Love of our dimension
You gain consciousness of who you actually are

As self-reflection urges you to look deeply inside
To the essence of your being. To the depth of your soul
You actually know, this is an instinctive knowing, the intuition
That your being will make you rethink your life and yourself

Rethink you may ask? Your reflection on yourself
Enables you to step aside and look at you on an objective way
You can start asking questions. Such as “who am I?”
“What is my goal, my purpose in life?”

A soon as you reveal to these thoughts and inner soul searching
You gain a great awareness of how you will serve your soul
With your earthly adaption, your human body into life
Instinctively you are conscious of what you want to do in your life

Each of us have qualities, talents, God given gifts
We keep pronouncing this over and over again
This is so important, dear children!
To chase your dreams, to fulfill them and DO what you LOVE to do!!!

The heart and soul know your route, the plan of the soul
As the blueprint of your soul lays in the chambers of your heart
Waiting for you until the moment you put your hand in your chest
To take this map to guide you, your soul and adaption, through earthly life

The intuition is always the most trustful source of your inner being
You can stick to that, rely on that. Always! Everywhere!
Don’t forget that! As the most profound Love and care you can find
It lays beneath the surface of your ‘artificial’ human skin in the depth of your being

Love yourself! Reflect on yourself! Open that hearts and let your ego’s out!!!
The ego isn’t able to feel, to feel loving emotions
Like happiness, prosperity and joyfulness
Ego minded people can not Love deeply as their heart is shut down

When you Love what you do, you do what you Love
You can be the most happy version of yourself
Because this is how we want you to be. To live your souls
In Love, Light and with a pure intention from the heart

That is what we wanted to say
Open that hearts and DO what you Love, Love to do!
Is this so difficult to listen to your heart and souls
And let the Love in? The universal Love to let your soul evolve…?

Written down in Love, with Love, for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)