True Love…

True Love cannot be found!!!
True Love comes to you
True Love will be there
On the moment you at least expect it
True Love is all there is
Because true Love is the deepest Love
There ever will be

If you meet true Love
Feel by your heart and soul
In the depth of you inner being
Of this is really true Love
They will recognize true Love immediately
Always and everywhere!
Instantly. As the vibration of Love meets theirs

True Love is Love as it is meant to be!!!
How Love is meant to live
The most profound Love is true Love
When you meet true Love
Your heart and soul glow
And shine from your inner being
Lighten you and your surroundings up

Don’t seek true Love!!!
True Love will meet you
On the right moment. Always!
Don’t fear true Love. Never!
Love isn’t fearful at all. No way!
Felt by the heart and soul
They know how true Love feels

Don’t let anxiety take over
On the moment true loves passes by
Because the chance on true Love
Won’t exist forever you know
We, as the universe is talking to you, know this
Hand you worries and fears over to us
We will deal with these negative emotions

Especially to you. I have to say this to you:
So you can rely on the positive feelings
As true Love will meet your heart and soul
Live this true Love. Always! Because it’s meant to be
Try to find your balance back. We will help you
So that you can do what you have to do
For the dimension of Light and Love
Therefor we asked her to contact you again

We keep on asking her to make the moves
You know why, ‘o stubborn man
With all your fears and reconsiderations
Just follow the flow, the Love flow
Who will meet you soon
As soon as you start listening to your heart and soul
They know what has to be lived

We are always there to help
To take you by the hand
So don’t hesitate anymore!
We keep on telling you this
But your heart is ‘damaged’ and full of pain
We want you to know that this Love is fearless
As this knowledge will help you along your Love route

She will meet you soon. Sooner than you think
Just follow the process, as she does the same
Stay calm. Don’t think anymore. Just let it happen
As it is meant to be, it is meant to
When is has to happen, it has to happen
Certainly when your universe is involved
To let you both shine as bright as you can be

In your particular case there is no free will involved
You, wise man, you now this so well!
We kindly ask you to hand over your fears
Let it go, and follow the Love flow
That is what we want. That is what we desire
We as your universe want you to be happy again!
Happiness for your both. To do your tasks in Love

That is what we wanted to say to you
As your universe, your soul brothers, spoke to you
We go now. Live by the heart and soul!!!
That is the only thing we ask
Is that so difficult for you nowadays?
Don’t let fear overrule profound Love. Deep soul Love
Always live true Love!!! You feel this when it is meant to be!!!

Written down in Love, with Love, for the Love. Love, B Engeltje (Irmgard)