Love is all what is

As the universe keeps telling me
That Love is all what is
Why can’t we live this?
On a daily basis?
As Love is all
There is
Why don’t we open our hearts
To let the Love out
To live our loving souls?

These souls of pure and bright Light
As sources of Love
Deep inner Love
As the universe we ask you kindly
Live your hearts!
Live your souls!
Live the Love!
Always! Everywhere!

Love is all what is
Be kind, be helpful, be loving
Be beloved too!
Love, once touched
It keeps on moving
Like a drop on the water surface
Love has to be spread!
Love has to be lived!

Love is the most profound
Feeling there is
Why can’t we be more compassionate
Loving and caring
As we are meant to be?
Love starts with yourself
As the loving creature you are
You might forget that (sometimes)

Love has to be lived! Always
We, as the universe
Keep on telling this to you
Over and over again
Love is all… there is!
Love heals, comforts and connects
So, dear child, why don’t you
Love as deeply as you can?

You do not need anything else
Love is there, always!
Right in front of you
Waiting to be lived
That you actually take it by the hand
Ground it in your inner being
And live, sow and harvest it
As the seeds of Love always bloom

Seeds of Love become
Flowers of Love
Beautiful flowers to pick up!
To hold, to cherish and
To plant these flowers of Love
In your heart and soul
As nourishment for your inner being
So that you also can bloom!

A bucket full of flowers
Makes you to be able to give them away
That is all about
That you sow, harvest and bloom!
When your soul is happy
You can glow from the inside out
And your bright, shining Light
Will shine lovingly and brightly on others

Live is not about living in loneliness
It is all about connection!
Connections in Love
From heart to heart
From soul to soul
Be aware of that!
As Love is all what is
It will connect you with others

Love has to be lived. Always!
Keep your heart open
To let the deepest Love in
When this Love walks by
Don’t wait too long
Chances go by
Even the most profound Love
When not lived, could vanish

As Love is all there is
Be aware when this Love is near
Don’t shut your eyes and heart to it
Because you’re afraid
Of living it
We keep emphasizing
Your Love is all what now is
Don’t let Love walk away

Don’t ever be afraid of Love
Love won’t give you fears
Your mind does
The heart knows what Love is
And wants to live this. Always!
In your case. Love is just there
In front of you!!!
Don’t shut your heart for it

Love is all whatever will be
As language of the heart and souls
The most truthful voice
From within. Guided by the intuition
Follow your intuition
It always knows the right decision
Path or destination
And Love will always be there

Love is all whatever should be
Because Love unites. Always!
As Love connects in Love
Why don’t you live this more
Dear children?
Hate only causes you pain
Why don’t you Love universally
As Love can be anywhere

Love never hurts
People hurt you. Not Love!
Start to believe that
Love is just Love
The deepest warm, happy feeling
From within. From your soul
This Love will never hurt
You know this, isn’t it? (we had to tell you this)

We go now by saying
Love is the pillar of our dimension
One day it will be yours too
You can start living by the heart
As Love is always there to be lived
In our dimension, but also in yours!
Love is all what is
Never forget that!!!
We ensure you
That we will do everything
To make you conscious about that

Written down in Love, for the Love, with Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)