Let your inner flower (soul) bloom

Sometimes life puts you
Beyond your limits
To let go everything
You have known for so far
This great loss, sure it is
This step had to be made
Because deep in your heart
You know the expatriation date
Of this relation passed by

You knew this for a long time
You were unhappy without any reason
As life supported you in several ways
This was no longer working
Despite of the connection
Often you were not lifted up
As that is always meant to be
In a relationship
As time flew by unhappiness gained

You never had foreseen this
But sooner as you could imagine
The Love was gone and
A whole emptiness was left in your heart
Your inner being, the soul
Always have to be fed. Nurtured
When your soul doesn’t bloom anymore
It is time to move on with your life
You have to lose whatever holds you back

Life wasn’t easy, you were aware of that
But in order to make you happy again
As seed for your loving soul and heart
You had to move forward
To make place in your being
To fill this empty space, the emptiness
With Love again in order to water
Your soft inner flower to make it grow
Radiant and alive again
To bloom in full glory as it is meant to be

Love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself
When the heart and soul are filled with Love
You can live your full potential
As you are meant to be from the start
When your life isn’t loving anymore
To let you shine, glow and sparkle
You have to lose, to win
How harsh that can be sometimes
To make your inner flower alive again

Fill the wholeness with Love
As Love is all there is
When Love passes by, deep, deep soul Love
Make assure you nourish your inner being
With this profound, universally directed, Love
To make your inner beings shine again!
To gain the sparkle of life back!
To be the stars in the firmament!
Just to make yours souls happy and alive!

Love isn’t just Love, you know
Rarely Love is so aligned up with the universe
That this extraordinary Love has to be lived
We, as your universe the dimension of Light and Love
Will interfere as long as necessary to live this profound Love
Do not think we give up easily! We are stubborn too
As said we keep knocking on your heart and soul
To let this deepest, universal, Love in
You have to live this Love for your universe
As wise people of the Light you know this

Soon the manifestation will be there
Do not be afraid, dear children!
We will take you both by the hand and lead you
In this unrevealed process of acquaintance
Don’t hesitate or withdraw of the process
Due to fears, anxiety of unknown feelings
We realize this is difficult for you both
Each one with its own life injuries
Life was harsh and ‘scary’ until so far
Your soul recognition and reunion will be splendid

Just open the doors
The entrance to your hearts and souls
What has been injured for so long
We will take away the pains to make space
And room for Love again
Let it happen! Let it happen!
Step back and your universe will arrange this
What is meant to be, is meant to be
Always! Everywhere! We keep on pronouncing this
This is essential for us

Let you lead through us, the universe
We know all the steps to take
Just follow the process
And at the end you will find each other
Throwing yourselves in each other’s arms
This was the whole plan in order to fill your emptiness
Loneliness and inner beings with Love
Deep, deep soul Love
To ensure you internal flowers of Light and Love
Will shine, sparkle and glow again!

That is what we want. That is what we desire
That is why we interfere on such huge scale
This is what we wanted to say to you. To you both
Just follow the process, the process of Love
The deepest Love you will ever find!
The deepest Love you will ever live!
Make your bloom blooming again
And sow, spread, grow and harvest
As much flowers of Love as you can

As your universe was talking to you we trust that all the plans and contract will work out as it supposed to be!
Your soul brothers from the soul world, cupids of Love, men of Love with great dedication in Love, with Love, for the Love.

Written down by B Engeltje (Irmgard)