Love will find you

Sometimes I read a quote
On the internet
What hits me right away
I might actually think
That it is written for me

This quote below
Just touched me
In my heart and soul
As these words
Are meant for me
Only for me. For me only

I won’t chase anything!
Forcing Love?
No way! Never!
Love can’t be forced!
Love will always find you!

I focus on myself
To take a good care of me
Give me some earned rest
I will be found
In the stillness of my inner being

(Vanaf hier ben ik goed ingetuned…
Afgestemd op de universele energie van de dimensie van Liefde en Licht.
Waarbij ik de frequentie van de zielenwereld bereik. Of zij mij.  Dat is mij eender.)

Love will happen, or not
When it is meant to be
It is meant to be
Love is unstoppable
When the universe is involved

When the timing is not right
We will do everything
To find a suitable moment
For the universally planned Love
Just rely on us

Hand your fears over to us
Find your balances!
Earthly time will come soon
To live this Love fully
Be aware of that, dear children of the Light

Don’t hesitate anymore
Just follow the heart and the soul
They know were your loving heart belongs
And who will live your soul
As the most profound Love there is

Just surrender to the process
The path of Love
It will find you. Always!
Never search for love, beloved ones!
Wait and the Love be there!

Love, B Engeltje❤️