Be grateful

Gratitude is all!
Don’t ever think life is for granted
You might have the idea you ‘own’
All the good things in your life
That it is normal you gave birth
Just to live life fully
Without a purpose at all

You’re not here only to consume!
To think that all the blessings you have
All the coincidences, the happy moments
Are a sustainable part of your existence
You never heard of gifts of your universe?
The little small gestures what came to you
Just on the moments you needed it the most?

Start to believe that there is more in life that you can see
With your naked, earthly eyes
Nothing is for granted!
Be grateful to your universe. To us!
For all the good things in your life
We like to hear you saying “thank you”!
Said in Love. We are there to help you in Love

Next time you have luck, a blessing or an
Universal synchronicity, think of us!
And when you see the beauty in the little
Things in life, like a singing bird, a warm bad
A nice rendezvous with friends
Say “thank you” to the universe
To show us your Love for us. For life!

In your earthly rat races
You intend to forget life is not about you only
You as the centre of your own universe
We are all connected! So open your eyes
Wake-up!!! See actually how blessed you are
There are always things to be grateful for
But never shut yourself of for the beauty of life itself

Live your lives in a greater awareness!
As life isn’t for granted too
Earthly time is ticking. You don’t have eternity like we do
So once again SEE the beauty of life
Be connected with yourself and with others
Live mindful and in great consciousness
Be glad you are alive!

Open your eyes! That is what we want to pronounce
From the universal gifts, to a Love what is right laying
In front of you on a silver plate, ready to be served
To a flower what blooms or a singing bird
Or just the arms you get on the moment you needed it
Wake-up!!! Count your blessings!!!
Everybody has blessings. You just have to take a notion to see the beauty
Of life. The small loving things. The Love all around you

As we say “Love is all there is”
Live it! Daily! Love is all around you
From the bird, to the tree, from the cup of coffee
To an loving email. A hug from a (special) friend
To a song. Be mindful! Feel alive! Go with the flow!
And step out of your daily rat races!
Live that profound Love!!! As universal deep Love has to be lived!
Be nice. Helpful and full of compassion

That is what we wanted to say to you now
Love will keep you moving as Love is also
The awareness to see the beauty of life
Even in the smallest things!
Embrace life with glory, with Love and with consciousness
That is all we want. Is that to much to ask for?
Be grateful! See the blessings. Don’t take them for granted!

Written down in Love, with Love, for the Love by B Engeltje