Cherish love matters

Let’s try to pack, to gather
As much Love
Loving memories
Moments and all what matters
Inside our beautiful and loving hearts!!!

From the deepest Love we lived
The greatest treasures we faced
The most joyful and cheerful inner child’s occasions
To the moments our soul vibrated and resonated
As highly as possible
Or when the heart flooded with compassion and kindness

All the times the firmament was filled with astonishing firework
As your Love connection made you both shine so brightly
That the sparkles of Love filled the heavenly space
When no words were needed because
Only Love was your language. Between you and your deepest Love
These souls were connected with a silver universal cord

This is essential in life! To make your own ‘Love collection’
To pack, collect and ‘grab’ all these deepest loving issues
Inside the chambers of your heart. Right into the soul
Straight into the heart, the seat of your inner being
That is what matters, dear children! That is what matters!!!

It’s is never too late to start gathering and make your own compilation
Of all the love, loving and lovable matters
Forget the pain, the harsh life issues and the sorrows!
Start to collect Love issues in your particular ‘life library”
As all what you have been packing inside your hearts and souls
Goes beyond any universal boundaries and dimensions!

Love it! Live it! Cherish it!

Written down in Love, with Love, for the Love by B Engeltje