The purpose of the soul

You are here for a purpose
The purpose of the soul
Your soul wants to be lived, you know
Wants to be noticed, to exist, to evolve
The soul has an enormous expansion drift
As the energy of your loving soul
Wants to evolve in the Love and Light
Of the other dimension, our dimension, the soul world

Every soul comes with a unique task to earth
To make a contribution to the world
Seen in the loving Light and the lightning Love
This is so important for the energy of the soul
It wants to evolve itself during lifetime
At the moment the soul assigned a task to on earth
Therefor it got an earthly adaption, called the human body
In this context your precious loving soul wants to fulfill its task

Sometimes the energy of your souls can be very pussy
It wants to be lived! In its task or in the deepest Love
The most profound universal Love there is
From the deepest soul Love to the deepest soul Love
You cannot ignore your souls anymore, dear children!
Universal Love has to be lived and soul plans as well
The specific plan of your loving soul
For its temporary journey on earth

When you keep on ignoring your souls
You will rather be unhappy because you forces
The soul to keep calm and its energy to stay low
The soul plans or soul contracts wants to be lived too!
These contracts are universal agreements
Between souls, made in the soul world
Long before you were even born
These have to be maintained and followed as well

As we, keepers of the universe, can tell you that
Souls, soul plans and soul contracts always
Wants to be acknowledged, to be followed and
Most of all to be lived in the best way you can!
You might think that you can ignore all the matters
Concerning your loving, caring and most profound
Inner being you have, but you can’t. We have to say this
Only… if you want to be unhappy in your lives. You choose unhappiness!

As said your souls want to be lived
The essence of your being, your human form
Wants to be lived completely
From the soul Love to the soul dreams
Soul dreams you might ask? Yes! This are your talents
Unique gifts and qualities
‘Wrapped’ in the energy of your soul, in the plans
As the evolution of your inner beings is
Most important reason that you gave birth at all!

Your soul has been assigned a task to, as said
Long before you were even born
You might actually think that it, life, is all about
Your earthly adaptions, but that is an assumption
What isn’t aligned with the energy of the universe
The energy of the dimension of Light and Love
The soul world. Our beautiful loving dimension
Without this alignment you can’t live your earthly life completely!

We want to emphasize that when you still, longer decide
To ignore your souls. The Love they want to live
The dreams they want to chase, the expansion of your soul
You can be so unhappy, dear child! That is not what we want for you
Unhappiness is the greatest knockdown argument
The biggest ‘failure’ you can make for your soul
As the internal (energy) flame will extinguish
And you keep ignoring your souls en masse

The fire within, your live sparkle, has to be burning!
The flame must burn! To make you feel alive!
Your inner child’s have to be shouting, dancing and playing!
Don’t make your inner sparkle, the flame of your existence
To be extinguished anymore! It took long enough, isn’t it, dear child
You know, dear Irmgard, where we are talking about!
As your flame was gone and the life sparkle too
That’s why we needed to interfere to give you your sparkle back

As you know what we are talking about, you can write about it
As all the others things you had to cope with in life. It was harsh, we know
Therefor we assigned you an universal task to
And we pushed you to live your soul. We took more than three earthly years
For the transformation. So that you were able to walk the path of your soul
Even now we are highly occupied with you, as you know
To follow more and more your dreams, our universal dreams
As well as the deepest soul Love you can ever face. Ever live!

What we want to tell you, dear children
If your universe comes to interfere with your life
You cant hold back anymore. We push you beyond you limits
Beyond your comfort zones, beyond everything you know for so far
Just in order to live, to the depth, the plan of your soul
You can try to hide, yes you can! But we keep knocking on your door
On your loving heart, as residence of your inner being. The soul
As long as you keep the entrance of your heart closed
We knock harder. Louder and will shake your lives up!

Because when you universe is involved, there is no way back. No way!
We are persistent, stubborn and even really nagging
Until you open the door to your heart
To let us in. The universal keepers of soul plans, contracts and Love!
As life issues will force you to do this. As the next step to take
The next move to make because you have no other choice!
Don’t wait, as like Irmgard, to push you so hard that you almost fall
Decide to open your heart and follow the blueprints, the plans, of your souls

If you feel afraid, insecure or lonely… We are there to help!
Always! Everywhere! As we intensive our help, the accompaniment
Along the route. To smoothen up the road for you
To be there when you need help. We even give you chances,
Possibilities and synchronicities. The little coincidence of your beloved universe
Don’t hesitate anymore. Don’t postpone anymore. No more procrastination!
Souls have to be lived. Soul plans have to be lived and
Deep, deep, deep soul Love has to be lived too, isn’t it earthly brother?

We go now. We thank you for listening, dear child, and for written it down for us. In Love, with Love, for the Love. For the Love, dear sister!!!

Written down by B Engeltje (Irmgard)