The intuition is my guide in life & Love!

The intuition
Is the most truthful source
The voice of your inner being
Of your loving heart and the soul

The intuition won’t ever fool you!
Like the mind, the ego, sometimes does
You can rely completely on your intuition!!!
As the most profound inner knowing you have

My intuition showed me the way
The path of my loving soul. Through my opened heart
It guides me, helps me and is always there!
Especially on times when I need it the most. Like now!

The intuition is my heart intelligence
It knows, it feels much stronger, faster
Than the ego, the mind, the head intelligence, does!
My intuition is my life buddy! It accompanies me on my path

Therefor I can always, always count on my intuition
That is why I listen carefully, every single moment
To this inner, authentic voice of my being
Let my soul speak through the heart and I will follow

Because their advice, route or whatever
Is always true! For me, my life and my path. The path of my soul
I will follow my heart and soul in life, in the deepest Love and in my daily routine
As intuition is the best mentor, counsellor and buddy in life I have!

Love, B Engeltje